Change is one letter away from Chance!



Hello Buzzy Bees!

So many ways I could go with this topic...

But maybe I can go with a piece of myself...



While I was finding my true passion I've been through some adventures!

I tried to enter at the public University for either nursery (father influence as a nurse) or kindergarten teacher (because I love kids).

Didn't have qualifications enough for either, so I tried a private University from the Red Cross for Nursery and add another degree just in case I failed again, which was Radiology.

I did enter for Radiology, a degree that was more about Physics than Chemistry which was one of my main subjects, but anyway I adapted, study hard, and finished!


The last year of that degree was all about the thesis so I had more free time and had my first job ever at an ice-cream store on one of the biggest shopping malls in Lisbon.

After finishing the degree I managed to get a free internship at one of the Hospitals in the capital but ended up been "fired" after a few months to give space to other interns.

Was a big adventure during this time...waking up early to start the internship at 8 till around 1pm so I could start my ice-cream job at 3pm to close at midnight!

Months passed and my husband got a job at his hometown in Madeira Islands. I left everything behind and move as well weeks after! Bittersweet feeling, but probably would do it again!

Until today I never got a job in my degree so I went find other adventures!

Took a professional course in Parapharmacy, the closest to my study area, during the day while working on a retail store during the night. Completed it including the internship!


But didn't got much luck with it either...

Somewhere around this time was when I tried making money online, found about @clicktrackprofit but I can say now that I wasn't ready for it at that time, that's why I gave up!!

Learned about sports betting and trading and considered one of the best female traders on a Trading forum! Was a good profit after some practice and helped me finish paying the next courses I went afterwards: English and Spa Therapy!

Finally found my passion! So much that this time I got a few jobs! Even at a beach in south of mainland Portugal! Yep...had to left everything again but just for the summer for that job, my first and it was awesome!



The next year after this I finally got the dream come true of working for one of the biggest hotel groups in the country! And stayed there until today, with a break in the middle because of another big adventure: Motherhood!


Now with my dream job on limbo during Covid, I adapt and embrace new possibilities, like Blockchain, Crypto and even having my own online business!


Still have so much to learn, so many online adventures I will have in my way and it's ok! Baby steps and poking around and see how it goes!

You see, we have the great ability to adapt to change!

Change and the unknown are scary and overwhelming, but can be so rewarding!

Didn't work first time? Try second or even third!

All you have to do is accept what you can get and embrace it!

Don't miss those signs that Life gives to you!

Don't stay on the sidelines and watch those signs passing between your fingers!


Thank you so much for reading!

Let's go to the next part of this post!!

Luke is Alive Daily.png

After my Premium Views ended in the Gauntlet inside Click Track Profit, this was the result:

FireShot Capture 251  ClickTrackProfit

The reviews were mostly about not having like a button to join. Well I linked all the image so you could actually click everywhere but I understood, so I change it:

CTP BP Splash SET.png

Watching the image while uploading here it seems it's too much text, but what do you think?

Comment below for feedback please!

Luckly when I change the image in the Lead Capture Page, it will change as well on HitsConnect, which is cool!

Speaking of which, so far I got a total of 51 Total Hits and 36 Daily Unique Hits, no conversions.

Then again I'm just using the credits from surfing for Luke!

So for my search for Luke, this time was in the Gauntlet!

Didn't do any written review but I'm a bit ruthless about rating the pages, 5 stars for real Lead Capture Pages, and 1 star for generic affiliate pages! To be honest I think most didn't even see/care about those reviews/ratings!

In 20 pages only 6 were LCP's!

Hopefully, @jongolson and @blainjones will change this in the future!

Until then, I will calm my rage with 1 stars! ahaha


And there you go!

If you are still here, thanks again for reading!

May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!



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This is a fantastic story. I love that you included photos of your journey. It's amazing how we go through things and at the time are unable to understand why certain things happen and then before you know it, here you are! :D Thanks for sharing Eliana. I look forward to the next chapter :)


Thank you, Janelle! Maybe I wouldn't be here if my adventures weren't how they went..some bumps on the road but they are there for a reason ;)
Yeah, can't wait for what comes next!