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Hello everyone!

Today I'm in-depth on Chapter 1 - Learn the Lyrics!

Building a strong, successful brand is about solving people's problems. Step one is to know what those problems are, but step two, so often underrated and overlooked, is knowing exactly how those people describe their problems. The language they use should become the lyrics you use in your brand.

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I pay very much attention to the lyrics of the songs and when they resonate with what I feel at the moment I almost turn into a superfan and put the song on a loop for weeks and then try to find out other songs from the artist or band. My favourite band for years has been Linkin Park and there's one song that's been on the loop and reminds me of the present times.

Anyway...back to the topic!

The idea is to reach your audience by speaking their language, in a way that they can relate to a point they know that you understand them.

* Sing the right lyrics, and you're going to get people to stick with you*

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So, how to know your lyrics? How to know how to create lyrics that everyone wants to hear?

If you still don't have your "sweet spot", remember Content Inc?

Clicking the image links to the post I talk about this!

After that, there are a variety of methods that you can get into...

You can always create content of what you already learned about your thing, your sweet spot, and what you are doing to learn more about it and try to engage with the audience in the comments! You can search for authors, groups and content with the same topics and check what everyone is lacking or struggling with. You can show transparency and share your own struggles! I'm sure someone will resonate with you! You can even have real-life, face-to-face conversations!

The key is to ask the right questions and do the right research!

Gathering the keywords that everyone seems to repeat and from that list a variety of questions, you can come up with a good chunk of content. And with the proper language, the lyrics, you will start to get a few eyes that can turn into fans!

Just keep singing!

Me trying to give some fun to the post, enjoy 🤣😁

Thank you so much for reading!
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This is a great article. It is almost impossible to attract people if you do not know there language. I have studied in marketing about attracting customers. They use age as a common language factor.
Those people that are 10 years younger and 10 years older than myself will have things incommon based on our age and language is so important.
Zig Ziglar taught at a time when most sales were person to person, to be in common with your audience. He used dressing in clothes that are appropriate for your audience, not too shabby, and not too fancy. Speaking he warned to never try to speak above your audience's heads, as they will not relate to you.
SuperFans by Pat Flynn is a book I absolutely must read. If you had a link I would have ordered the book before commenting. If you are a amazon affliate, please send it to me through telegram :-)
P.S. Your graphics are great!!


Thank you!
Appreciate your time to read it!
We always need to adapt and adjust to our audience, at least while we are building a superfan audience. Once they reach that point as long as you are transparent about your changes because there will be, they will understand and probably support the changes :)