Thank You Pizzaholics!



What is up you bunch of NoLifers!?!

The NoLifer Queen is back for another Saturday Night Gaming!

In July by my surprise, I was invited to join the guild on @splinterlands and I enjoyed and learned so much that I really felt I was part of a big family even when I wasn't as social as I wanted to on their Discord group lol

During this week, @he-index guild was born thanks to @jongolson and @blainjones and all the INDEX holders! With a bittersweet feeling, I knew that I had to join them, and fortunately now I have a bit more experience hopefully enough to make this guild great!

So I want to dedicate this little post to all my Pizzaholics! For accepting me even for a short time to their group! Would be difficult to shout out everyone, but a very special shout out to @hivetrending and @thebeardflex for creating such an amazing community, and yummy too!


Let's check my progress!

Rising Star


The game was having issues and I've been doing the Music Promoter until now to get some progress in STARPRO in

Goal - LVL 100 - Completed on June 26th

September 18%October 2%
Goal - LVL 200LVL 10854%LVL 10954,50%
September 18%October 02%
Goal - 100 STARPRO31.0416,11%56,5628,28%



The season ended during the week:

Been doing some quests and getting those nice new cards, but yesterday and with no DEC (at least in game) to buy quests potions, it seems we are now getting Credits. Not sure if is worth buying the potions for these now lol

With my rentals on slow mode at the moment plus Chaos coming really soon, not sure if I will reach this goal on time, but I will try to get as much DEC as I can for those packs!

September 18%October 02%
Goal - 50000 DEC6000 DEC12%1164223,28%

Axie Infinity


Have been struggling to complete the dailies, but I've been doing the Adventures part, which can give me up to 50 SLP per day. And I actually reached a milestone there that gave a big reward!



And that's about it!

How are your NoLifer Goals so far?



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