Requesting Address


photo taken by @wakeupkitty host of this contest on behalf of @freewritehouse.

It had been a while since my work route had been changed, today one of my colleagues was absent because he got sick, as he had few orders, I decided to help him with his deliveries. This route is new, because I had not traveled it before, today's order is from Mr. Fermin, 70 years old, in the shipment he said he needed some medicines before sunset, I was confident, I had a map, it was a matter of following it.

Seeing that it was a little after 5:00 Pm (17:00), I had turned around, but I did not understand the streets, I got off my bike and asked for help to a man in a red shirt, at first I think I did not explain well, is that he had a lost face, even more than mine. I remembered the map and showed him the route, just at that moment he located himself and showed me the way, he was a few blocks away.

When I arrived at Don Fermin's house and he looked at me with a face that I was not his usual delivery man, I told him that Carlos was sick and that I was covering his route, he looked at me with a worried face and told me that he was a good man, I hope he got better soon, he gave me a hug and a very good tip.