Armageddon 😱😱😱

I have been super busy with my full time and part time job these few days... And the crypto market is behaving totally out of normal sense... It's bloodbath, Armageddon to quite many people out there... Especially those who have huge bags of LUNA and UST... What on earth is happening?

So many FUD, so many news... Not sure whether they are real or fake... I really don't have extra brainpower to digest all these... My chat groups have been filled with lots of messages... Nonstop... Everybody is looking at the market...

Many have lost a lot and we can see people taking their lives because of this... What's happening? I really hope you are fine. You are not affected, even if you are being affected, it's not deadly but just seriously injured and will take longer time to recover...

This incident has made me think, UST is a stable, yes? No? Have I wrongly understand this? Even I don't have a lot in UST, but still I have about two months worth of salary in UST, and now it has shrunk in size...

What should I believe? What should I hold? Stablecoin isn't that stable anymore... Even USDT has been fluctuating a lot today... I should really rethink and plan properly my retirement crypto fund... I don't wanna end up having nothing...

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts? Maybe we can look into this together... I wanna achieve financial independence and ultimately financial freedom...


Hope we will wake up into a better tomorrow... ❤️❤️❤️


I'm adding a Malay word in every post. Life long learning... Learning a new language is fun...

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