My Axie Infinity continues, hopefully

Screenshot taken from the Axie Infinity official page

Fingers crossed. Hopefully my Axie Infinity journey can really continue... After the hack, I lost my own Axies. So how am I supposed to go on with my journey. Well, there are two ways, first is I invest and buy my Axies again. Second, I get myself a scholarship to play to earn and earn back what I lost.

I have applied several scholarships. And tonight finally I got an interview. I was so nervous throughout the whole session. There were two of us applicants together with one of the coach in the interview session. We chit chat a bit about Axie Infinity, about ourselves and why we want to the scholarship. And then lastly we had a quiz. Yes, a quiz to test our knowledge on the game.

I really hope I can get this scholarship. I like the whole environment in this community. There's so many things to learn and joining a community is the best way to learn. It's better than swimming alone. I really look forward to be part of the scholarship community. 🤞🤞🤞

Recently many hacks happen in the Axie world... Many are related to the fake Ronin wallet, so here's one video that explain the difference between a fake scam Ronin wallet and the real official Ronin wallet. Please make sure you share this with everyone you know who are playing Axie Infinity or going to play Axie Infinity.

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That's not very good news, but I hope something good comes of it. Is it some kind of NFT game?

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