Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Riverboat Captain



Hey folks, Welcome to this week's social media challenge for the online blockchain game #splinterlands.

Each week i will feature a different Monster + Ability with a Battle. This week i am featuring the monster known as Riverboat Captain who has the excellent Blast ability.

This one of the new reward cards and i have won quite a few of these now.

This is a great for the Rise of the Commons ruleset as ther are not many Rare cards with the Blast ability which can give you a great advantage.



Most riverboat captains are skilled artificers, empowering their sails, anchors, sextants, compasses, and other nautical devices with magic to navigate, speed their travels, and defend against pirates, brigands, and the wild beasts that populate Praetoria.

Rarity: Rare
Element: Water
Attack: Magic
Abilities: Blast at level 1, Affliction at level 4 and Fury at level 8.

BLAST Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster Additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up Summoner Yodin Zaku gives this ability to every friendly monster at the start of a battle

AFFLICTION When a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed. 50% chance of applying Affliction on the target Summoner Mimosa Nightshade gives this ability to every friendly monster at the start of a battle

FURY This Monster does double damage to targets with the Taunt ability

Battle Info


This is a 24 mana level battle with all Splinters allowed except Death + Fire.

I have 4 cards in this battle against 5!

Water vs Water

Ruleset = Tis But Scratches - All monsters have the Cripple ability.

Battle Line Up

Summoner: Alric Stormbringer

Alric is here to provide +1 Magic attack to all my Magic monsters.

First Place: Sea Monster

The Sea Monster is my tank as it has massive health stats and the Heal ability. This is always great to have in first position.

Second Place: Riverboat Captain

The Captain is here to provide the Blast ability which will attack two enemy monsters each turn. It is also in my line up to benefit from the Summoners +1 Magic ability. This monstet also has the Swiftness ability which gives all my monsters +1 Speed. This can also be a great advantage.

Third Place: Ruler of the Seas

This impressive monster is in the third position to also use the Blast ability and benefit from the summoners +1 Magic ability. Having two monsters with the Blast ability is a great winning strategy.

Fourth Place: Torrent Fiend

The Fiend is in last position ad cannon fodder. He will take the first hit from any enemies with the Sneak ability.

Battle Walkthrough


As the warriors enter the battle arena we get our first look at the enemies line up. Whilst he does have a great tank with the Kraken and 2 monsters with Tank Heal i am not overly concerned.

Round 1 begins and ends with no casualties but the enemies tank called The Kraken has taken a good beating although it recovers with the Tank Heal ability from the other monsters

Sadly the enemies monster in the 2nd position Venator Kinjo has the Reflection Shield ability which means it takes no damage from the Blast ability otherwise it would be dead.

Round 2 begins and the enemies Kraken is destroyed aftet taking hits from Sea Monster, Ruler and Riverboat Captain!

We start round 3 and now Venator is in first position it is easily wiped out by Ruler of the Seas which also takes out Hardy Stonefish with the Blast ability.

The last 2 enemies monstets are destroyed easily and i have not lost any of my team.

This was a great battle and i enjoyed it immensely. I will definitely use the same line up and strategy again in other battles.

Check out this Great Battle to see it in action!

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☮️ Graham.