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Dragon attribute monsters generally wield dynamic stats and detrimental abilities. In addition to their unique abilities, they also support other attributes which compensates with your strategical battles.

With the latest Share Your Battle Challenge in the Splinterlands community which is the use of Dragon attribute monsters in battles, I created my blog for the challenge featuring dragon attribute monsters in the melee and range type damagers. This time, I wanted to share my battle in the Gold league with dragons using magic type damagers.




  • Super Sneak: All the Melee attack monsters have the Sneak Ability.
  • Explosive Weaponry: All the monsters have the Blast ability.
  • Within 99 mana capacity


Because I wanted to use dragons with magic type damage, I choose Delwyn Dragonscale as the summoner. Having the ability to give an additional magic damage to magic type monsters makes my chosen dragon attribute magic monsters to caused an enormous amount of magic damage to the enemy monsters.

I choose Desert Dragon for the tank position. A legendary card in the 3rd level and has a stats of 5 melee damage, 2 speed, 3 armor, and 7 health. It is one of the best to choose in my rented cards for the tank position especially with its Trample ability causing immediate damage on the next enemy monster when the first position monster dies. With its Piercing ability, the remaining damage after destroying the armor will be reduced to the health of the enemy monster. Also, with the Retaliate ability, it is a good counter for monsters having a Reach ability.

Second position is for the Black Dragon. A legendary card in the 3rd level and has a stats of 2 magic damage, 2 speed, and 4 health. A damage-support type dragon that gives additional health to allies while reducing the speed to its enemies. Thanks to its Life Leech ability, whenever it attacks a monster, its health adds by +1 compensating for its low health point.

Third position is for the Gloridax Magus. A legendary card on the 3rd level and has a stats of 2 magic damage, 2 speed, and 6 health. I choose this monster due to its Shatter ability to remove instantly the armor of the enemy monster.

  • Fourth position is for the Chaos Dragon. A legendary card on the 3rd level and has a stats of 3 magic damage, 3 speed, 4 armor, and 10 health. With its Blind ability, there is a higher percentage that melee and range attacks from the enemy monsters will miss.

Fifth in the position is the Diamond Dragon. A legendary card on the 3rd level and has a stats of 2 magic damage, 3 speed, 10 armor, and 7 health. With its Cleanse ability, it removes the debuffs given by the enemy monsters from the first position monster. With the Last Stand ability, when this monster is the only one in the field, all of its stats will increase when that happens.

Last in the position is the Dragon Jumper. A legendary card on the 3rd level and has a stats of 4 melee damage, 5 speed and 6 health. I choose this monster for the last position as a sacrificial backline defense instead of the Furious Chicken because adding more damage will help in winning the game and its poignant not to choose this monster when the mana capacity for the battle is on the highest possible amount given by the ruleset.


My strategy worked skillfully in this battle. With the Shatter ability of the Gloridax Magus, the armor of the Robo-Dragon Knight was instantly removed making a way to my magic type damagers to cause great damage thanks to the ability given by the summoner. With the Blind ability of the Chaos Dragon together with the Fly ability of most of the monsters I choose, the attacks of the enemy monsters mostly miss. I fully utilized the use of high mana dragon attribute monsters thanks to the rulesets given. Also, with the Blast ability, the enemy monsters, were obliterated in just 3 rounds making my magic type dragon damagers to last until the end.


Dragon Attribute will always be one of the attributes that I often choose to rent. I believe that choosing and creating a deck from this attribute has the potential to be one of the most smashing attributes for strategy battle in the game. It also have a very good interaction with other attributes. Also, many strong dragon attribute monsters have a hefty mana call cost making one of the best to use in a high mana capacity battles, fully utilizing the buffs and debuffs given by to monsters putting an end to opponent monsters when it is positioned strategically.

Hope that everyone who is reading my blog and watching the video can get a better idea on how to strategize using the Dragon attribute monsters. There are certainly many possibilities on what to build in this attribute that will make your battles make you one of the top from ranked battles and tournaments.

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