A mother's dream


We live in a world where every mother's dream is for her child to have a healthy life and to live a purposeful life in the nearest future. Every mother has a dream regardless of the position they might be even if they live in poverty or have much wealth every mum is supernatural to their children to make them become successful no matter the circumstances or challenges ahead, even if the dreams may be limited by our circumstances they always have a goal.

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My mum gave birth to five children which happens to appear that all of us were boys without a girl and she struggled hard to always make sure her children were alright even if she can't afford all but always make sure we live a healthy and good life. I lost my dad few years back which was not even more easy for her to handle but she always derive that motherly love and care which much of advice that someday she would see all her kids successful in every areas of our lives.

I always encourage and admire every mother's efforts because being a mother is never an easy job or an easy one to handle. The remarkable effort of being a mother is filled with responsibilities, stress, and anxiety which is not an easy role to play.

Every mother desire is to always make sure their kids is ok with them striving hard to make sure they have a better future, Even as the kids grow into adulthood, their responsibilities still add with new worries for them to embark on just to make sure their aim and goal for their kids is accomplished.

My mum happens to be a trader and by 3am everyday she's always awake with her morning prayers, then do a little house chores before preparing what we are going to eat for the day if we all eventually woke up and by 5am she's off to go continue with her business and always return by 6pm everyday. She said she never choose the path but had no choice but to make sure her kids was ok with the little she can afford and that gives her joy seeing her children happy.

The truth about the whole scenario is that it can be stressful at times for being a Mum but can also be very rewarding. Every mother's are so adorable that you can’t take your eyes off them with the aspect of you learning to prioritize and focus on what’s really important. Every mother responsibilities regardless of the little bit of hard work is to raise a joyful and intelligent child.

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A Mother's joy is not only to see her kids grow up to be kind and loving, but also to make sure every of her kids can take care of themselves in terms of trouble or challenges.

I have a mum that am really proud of and I can't wait to pay her back for her remarkable love towards us. I hope you all too have a lovable and adorable mum, and please always show them love if their still living.