Is there anything worse than dying?


Happy weekend, family, I hope you had a prosperous week full of adventures according to the environment that surrounds you, in this opportunity, I select question number 2.

Is there anything worse than dying? What is it and why do you think it is worse? Explain your answer.

Each person is a big book that has an uncertain future, we do not know how we will end up alone or together, as the saying goes.

The word death is very deep, no one is prepared for that crucial lapse, which ends our earthly path in flesh and blood.

Many specialists in the field explain that the period when we leave the earth is very strong and shocking, because our soul leaves the body and at that moment, we go through a long dark tunnel-like path where at the end there is a candle-like light and once we arrive, we are welcomed to the other dimension known as the spirits or traditionally the world of the dead, a paradise where only God and our dead know how it is.

I have always been curious about those fields, but that is where the saying that they fly, they fly opens, testimonies of people who have gone through that tunnel but have not reached the end because it is not their destination yet.

There are very cruel deaths where people undeservedly die because of life situations, there is a saying that says if it is for you it will be, not even if you take it off and what is not for you, not even if you put it on.

I have always said that bad things are paid on earth and that is why we must leave indelible traces of great values in our family, friends and colleagues, because we all need everyone, whether we have money or not, everyone contributes a grain of sand that in the end adds or subtracts, whether it is to improve or to sink us, everything comes after a learning and moral.

Why do you think it is worse?

The worst thing about dying is not leaving a seed that transmits good vibes to the universe, that is really sad and unusual.

Our behavior will be our sowing on the path and if we don't choose to water it, in the end no one will be there, neither in your joys, nor in your sadness like illnesses or in your wake.

Many say that when a wake is alone it is because they do not want it / has no money or no mourners, in my opinion it was the behavior and greed of a relative or friend if you can call them that, to be heir to something, with the phrase as they do not have money I do not care, cruel but realistic, unfortunately we are surrounded by interest as is the dirty money and the other is lack of humanity towards our fellow man, in the end we all have the same color of blood, with money or without money, we will die and we do not have the future bought.

I believe that to die is to rest your time on earth and then share with those who have already departed, that is the hope and comfort that many of us have, to ease the pain, a next meeting.

According to my ancestors, if the person decides to end his life, because he is weak minded and gets carried away by the problems / weaknesses and takes drastic decisions such as saving himself, poisoning or cutting his veins, being the most common scenarios, those beings according to religious mythology will not be able to rest in peace and will suffer on Earth forever, since only God decides when and where to take us.

Living is beautiful, it is a path with highs and lows that come with a series of lessons and learnings, that sooner or later take their toll and it is difficult to move forward with thousands of adversities, that is worse, that is why we have to fight every day if God allows us to be there, I have seen people who do not have all their limbs and senses and are great teachers of life, for those who complain daily for a headache or nail, life is hard just have to learn to carry it and face it, that everything comes for a reason, like the song.

Already death is to rest by natural way and observe the panorama from the sky that then become angels on the path, for those who leave on earth, I do not consider it worse to die, living is difficult and can be endured with positivism.

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