Weekend deadline. We 116


Dear family, it is a pleasure to greet you, this time I choose the option:

Weekend deadline.

You are behind on a project at work and it could seriously affect your career, but you can make up the time on the weekend. The problem is that you are committed to a family function and can't do both. What do you do and why? Remember, doing both is not an option .

Family hive, this issue is very everyday and crucial for thousands of families from which two realities are sustained:

In every family there is always a main pillar, the one who seeks the welfare of all and implants values and customs according to what he has been taught in his childhood and tends to transmit it to his generations.

In most cases, it is the women who play the role of pillar in their homes and sacrifice themselves for the overall welfare, to seek sustenance, they have to leave their sons and daughters with aunts, grandmothers or older siblings to look for food, either as housewife roles or in some profession.

In this responsibility of sustenance, they place work as the main option since they think that it is the most important thing so that they do not lack anything and they dedicate their heart, soul and life to work, to obtain merits and great profits, leaving the family in second place.

It is notorious to emphasize that there are people who think that the family is paramount and that no matter how much work there is, it should always be in the first instance, will is power, is the phrase that was instilled in me since I was a child and it is the reality of life, no one can force the feelings or actions for our fellows but it is natural, give what we are according to the circumstances that we live.

It is true that we must be responsible in any area that we focus, whether at work, in society or in the family, but we must never neglect as in my previous posts, I write about the family being the basis of society and how it influences our growth on the path, which requires communication and affection for everything to flow and circulate prosperity, harmony, love and endless blessings is why we must mark preferences.

I have experienced cases, where there are parents who prefer to go to work on the weekend and leave their sons or daughters alone on normal and important dates, such as birthdays, graduations, family reunions, Easter week, and holidays, without realizing that these moments, besides being unique, mark the childhood, youth and future life of each being, which are left in the air due to lack of communication and affection. At the time they do not see how important it is to have company, affection, and when parents step on the old age they realize the damage, because they feel alone and live in their own flesh the loneliness that their children felt at the time, because not everything in life are luxuries, love is not bought and as they did not sow at the time love, their children do not give what they did not reap.

Without leaving aside a movie that captivated me in 2006 known as click, losing control starring Adam Sandler, symbolically shows the results of a beautiful united family, which because of overwork loses partner and children, achieving professional success, but displacing the family and leaving the protagonist in total loneliness, a sad reality of thousands of families, who are tired of the routine as is the detachment and lack of communication.

In life you always have to set priorities, there is time for everyone, knowing how to distribute them, everything is possible, perhaps on a weekend, it requires an exclusive dedication to work for a project delivery for the presentation on Monday or the week, but once they are fulfilled, the following weekend to devote them to the family, either in trips to the park, to eat, to mass, and any event of union, as to unite work and family is complicated.





Because it would be to be with two partners at the same time and in the end no one is happy, because if you are at work you will think about the family or if you are with the family you will think about work and the reality is not lived to the fullest, because it is an end of mind and emotions that later brings diseases starting with stress and reaching serious cases such as cancer, which by various studies have come to the conclusion.

The family union is very important, since we come to this world to fulfill a cycle, to be born, to grow, to reproduce and to die, it is better to fulfill these phases surrounded by the people you love, than to die in eternal bitterness and loneliness by individual decision, destiny is not luck, it is our own decision.

It is very important the career we choose and our role in exercising it, but as long as we are effective there will always be opportunities without leaving aside your loved ones, who are the only ones who will be with you until the end.

Be happy and laugh, God is great and merciful, find time for him and family, as long as there is union there is hope.

The images are my own and I used deelp translator since my language is Spanish.



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Family is the most important part of our life. Many people are not aware of this. They are constantly working to earn money and neglect their family and loved ones. In the end they regret not having time with their family.


Good afternoon, greetings... a pleasure.
Affirmative, in most cases the economic aspect is reflected as the most important and we do not see beyond the serious consequences, because only the family is with us in good times and bad. Therefore it is necessary to value it and always give it its place.
Thank you for your comment.
Nice afternoon.