#QOTW @ecotrain DESTINY & KARMA Best buddies ever!!!

Just of recent I over heard some group of persons arguing about the destiny and how it has determines one’s course in life, then one of the person, when one of them said very profoundly said a man’s destiny is in his one hands and he can do whatever he wants with it


Destiny often used interchangeably with fate but the dual have different connotations is often referred to a predetermined future of a person, to better understand this we need to look at destiny to mean a blue print of a thing, say when an engineer, an architect or a manufacturer wants to build a house, bridge, machines or any product they first of all develop a blue print that will in finality tell how it will all come out when the final product is made, but in the case of man the creator never made any blueprint, he just looked at himself and said okay?, so in this wise destiny is like a man’s blueprint that is inserted in him to kind of guide him and direct his pattern according to the creators intention to a destin(y)-nation, Or better look at it this way destiny as in destination, a pre-determined course or route

Destiny is often seen as a series of event or circumstance that is bound to occur in a person’s life all to propel his living towards a particular direction, most times we see that destiny cannot be changed as it is already predetermined, we have seen in the great book that it can be altered and changed first of all it is based on the choice we make, choices influenced almost everything we do on earth, because of the power of self-will in man, but in the long run circumstance can redirect the course of our life back to it original plan as in our destiny this is were fate comes in


There is a natural course of things in the universe and some how this forces revolve around us because we live in it and so they have a way of affecting our lives, this is what i referred to as FATE, it can be seen as a force that determines and order the course of event this is a believe that there is a natural order of event to everything in it look at it this way imagine you got up early to catch a bus to go attend an interview and along the way the bus had a flat tire which cause you to get to the office late and missed the interview.

But on the other hand DESTINY is already determined course of action that will definitely occur only and only if we stay true to ourselves, let see it from the example destiny is that even when you missed the interview but you got there late almost at the end of session, you can still be considered for the job, cause it has been destined that you will work there

how our choices influence our destiny is that imagine after the tire went flat you looked at your watch and say It’s already late and went back home then you completely missed the chance in this case that destiny of you working in that office has been altered by your choice

When I first really get to truly understand what karma means I understood that there is a natural law that governs the universe and every activities that goes on under the sun, most time we’ve this law like you shall reap what you sow, or you cannot reap were you did not sow, give and it will be given to you, givers never lack and many other

KARMA is nature’s law system that rewards every action with a corresponding reaction and consequence associated with it, that’s why the world justice system derives its strong hold from the law of karma, in that someone ought to be punish for doing bad things, a criminal should go to jail for stealing, killing or destroying life and property while a person ought to be rewarded handsomely for saving a life or doing some form of good to humanity

Initially I said destiny can be altered pending on our choices, so karma comes into to say okay fine, you’ve got a self will right? you can make choices, so the guy karma introduced a reward system, destiny said your whole life as been determined but depending on what you do, now karma said there will be a consequence tied to the choices that you make, since evil and good are constantly in battle to win a person over, everyone deserve a fair deal so destiny actually collaborated with fate and karma to strike a balance in the universe….