What else After Been Satisfied

Everyone aims at been satisfied in life, not even been satisfied to a medium point but satisfaction to the fullest is a major aim in life. Now it doesn’t just stop there, you. You aim more. If it just stops there, I’m sure that Elon musk wouldn’t be the richest in history.


Like they usually say satisfaction is always enough you want to explore more so as to earn more, build more to save humanity and invent new things is the kind of mindset I got.

After attaining wealth, healthy lifestyle and goal accomplishment, I don’t feel satisfied with life though I will also want to grow higher explore more.

My Story
I could remember vividly clear when I was growing up, my dad got to sold his only car so as to settle some pending needs and whenever there is like a combined activity that need people from different places to meet together and share some gospel together.

It would have been way too easy when there was a car which could easily convey everyone to the venue.
But everyone has to go on his or her own to any place where there is a general gathering meeting.

How I Inspired My self
Could you believe that each time I get on the way I see new cars of different models I get inspired that someday I will buy my own. I used images of cars as wall papers in my phone and my personal computer.
Not until when I had one, like seriously I bought a lexus Es350 and guess what, you will ask me if I’m satisfied with my current situation with my lexus.


Photo By Me


Photo By Me

Yes, that’s a medium of transportation and may not necessarily require to be updated or explored by buying different new models of lexus.
No, Just exploring seems like looking for a way to buy car powered by solar and electric cars so as to save fuel due to its high cost price.

Some times you need to regress in your achievement. Like what I’m literally, you don’t need to fall backwards towards plans but you could change a step by taking backwards movement. But what I came to noticed is humans are never satisfied with anything in life. Some could own a Lexus today and still hopes for a private jet tomorow. To me that’s just resources consuming.