Centralized Corporations, Metaverse, Data, and Privacy


Metaverse has been since the early days when the internet became available to everyone. As far back as 1992, Neal Stephenson, saw a world where people would have their virtual representation of them on the internet. The world where people could play games, bet, work, walk and have fun. He called it an alternate universe from ours. He believed that the MetaVerse will be the future of the internet.


When the blockchain became a full fleshed industry and people started looking into gaming, the MetaVerse world became a thing. So many blockchain project have built an alternate world where people can purchase properties, see places including going to the mall, the museum, and so on, and people enjoyed the fact that the world was decentralized, but over time, companies such as Microsoft, Google,Apple, and Facebook are trying to own a large chunk of the MetaVerse. Covid-19 made the Metaverse very visible to people as the closest way of communication before it was video call, but with Metaverse, people could go into an alternate world, interact, and create an extension of the world.

People will be able to use their real faces and body in the Metaverse world soon, but before then, representing avatars are available in the world making it very easy for people to interact with one another, as well as get the experience of the world. The worlds will have its economy, currency, storylines as well as characters that can be chosen.

We all felt cool having games like fortnight in the metaverse world since they are decentralized, people were free to live in a world of their own without their data being used, but then, centralized corporation’s interest might be a different ball game where data will be stolen from the Metaverse world to target people in the real world. Mark Zuckerberg said “the Metaverve would be the second best thing to a teleportation device”. He also concluded to say that “Teleporting around the MetaVerse will be like clicking on a link”. All this said, my question is, “Will Facebook not collect our Metaverse Data, and use it to target us”?


Will the decentralized Metaverse, it looked more like a gaming world at the beginning, but now, things are improving and with this large corporations getting involved, we have to start to look into questions like Will there be a single metaverse for all to co-exist, or will there be so many metaverses, owned by different companies (both centralized and decentralized) Although we are seeing so many metaverse projects and metaverse world scattered around but will you think it will be cool to have one metaverse world. Countries such as South Korea are trying to bring MetaVerse together with projects such as National Metaverse alliance.

Amidst so many questions such as, “the Metaverse being an equitable space, where people will not collide with objects and other humans in the real world while navigating through the Metaverse world”, and “Will the government be interfering in the world”, my main concerns are; **Will the metaVerse world be Open Source, and will Data and Privacy be kept?

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