CREATOR ACCELERATOR Newsletter - Inaugural Issue

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The CREATOR ACCELERATOR newsletter is also available in audio and video form.

Explore the future of content creation with the inaugural edition of the CREATOR ACCELERATOR newsletter. Learn about:

  • My recent Creator Camp
  • The launch of the CREATOR ACCELERATOR program
  • How mission, message, and monetization form the central themes of our content creation journey.

It's time to expand our creative horizons.

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NOTE: One of the core pieces to introducing more people to Web3, blockchain, and more importantly Hive is to create content on Web2's traditional social media platforms. I consider myself a Web3 Evangelist because once I understood what Hive had to offer me as a creator, I began sharing what I had learned with the people I know on places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. But as we all know, it's a long-tail proposition to evangelize for Hive. So, I continue creating content, hosting Twitter Spaces, Wisdom shows, LinkedIn Live (audio/video), hosting Web3 & Social Media for Creators workshops, and more recently three-day virtual events.


Because repetition in however many forms it takes is what I have discovered is key to awareness. We all have to keep repeating why what we have found on Hive is something content creators should take a serious look at. This is why I am sharing this video I made based on the LinkedIn newsletter here.

Perhaps you have also been trying to evangelize to people you know and they just don't get it. Well, I think by pulling our various evangelism methods together we can leverage our collective knowledge and outreach in a more meaningful way.

Will this work?

Only time will tell. Please share links to posts and content you have created as part of your Hive evangelism. Let's open the eyes of content creators around the world. It's time for them to break the shackles of traditional social media and experience the freedom and power of blockchain-based social media.

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