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Hey scholaris,

thank you for your reply. I see some overlapping points in my answer to Sam and I ask you to read also, what I responded to her, so I won't repeat myself.

I've been speaking to Hive Downvote Rewards about the possibility of republishing content I previously published. What Hive doesn't want is double-rewards for an old post. What I understand of things is that I can republish content if: ...

For me, it cannot be something "Hive does not want", as I see it. In the policies of Hive I nowhere can see anything against it, it's rather a form of etiquette, not a restriction. Hive is, from my point of view, also a self regulating system with aspects both, hierarchical as well as anarchical and everything in between.

Let's say you received in payouts 99 cents for a post of high effort and quality, would that be a double reward? I don't think so.

It can only be seen as a double reward when one rides on this principle and does not see the single case. In any case, if you would re-post an old article of yours, I'd be able to see the former payout (you would not just post it without revealing that it was already published on your blog, wouldn't you? At least, I would not do it that way - but even then, it really depends). If it received a payout in the higher ranges, I may not vote for it, but maybe inclined to read and appreciate the content itself. But most likely I would give an upvote, why wouldn't I, if the content is new to me, got my attention and makes me wanting to comment.

If a dumb thinks to re-post trash again, nobody will show interest or give upvotes anyway (excuse the curse). It may even be downvoted. ... The more I think about it, the more I think I could just do it and would have to take the risk that it might be frowned upon or even downvoted. Which would be a shame from my point of view.

The "potential solution" I wrote of could apply here. Also, curation posts provide a function that seems to meet your point. When I've written curation posts, I delegated article rewards to them. I don't see curation articles as a good payout for myself. It's always an act of appreciation for me.

That sounds like a really good idea. Though I have not fully understood. LOL.
Do you mean that when you write curation posts and you get payouts for them, that you give those payouts to others? That's a very good point that I haven't thought about enough. See also what I wrote about promos and ads in my reply to @samsmith1971 .
Let me ponder ...
.... Indirectly I did already as you said! I made an announcement, a starting point for a contest and then a winners announcement for "finish the story", the rewards were then given by me to the winners (I have not made the maths, if I lost, were even or won financially wise. Though that is not the most important aspect for me).

Duh, sometimes things are simple but I cannot fathom them. I am happy to have talked to both of you in this length.

I may have forgotten to consider other points of yours, but right now my brain says "no".