Meandering Creek [Hive Stock Images]

Spring is here, April is here with its changing weather where one can cross rain, sun, and rain again in several steps. Forest is awake, creeks flow vividly, nature rises from winter's sleep.

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Creek is called Črnušnjica, flowing on the edge of the Magpie's Valley. In a straight line it would be less than two kilometers long. Yet, with all its twists and turns it is much longer. Its whole ecosystem is mesmerizing, beautiful, immersive, peaceful and flamboyant.

My contribution to the growing Hive Stock Images collection

1729.10.2022Deep Autumn Forest
1615.03.2022Vogel in winter
1509.02.2022River Sava in Winter
1424.10.2021Foggy Autumn Landscapes
1313.10.2021Sunflowers, real and fake
1205.10.2021Imperfect Sunsets
1104.04.2021Hellebore Fields Forever
1027.03.2021Forest and Field Spring Flowers
0919.02.2021Panoramas Of Snow And Sea
0816.02.2021Forest Roads In Winter, Part Two
0715.02.2021Forest Roads In Winter, Part One
0616.12.2020Winter Wonderland No. 2
0513.12.2020Winter Wonderland
0425.11.2020I Yearn For Mountains
0323.11.2020Muzzled World Gallery, Part One

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