night trail run

The idea for today's run was to run late in the evening and in the forest to train the night running with the headlamp mode :)

I took the path on the right ridge towards Rašica village with a turn to the south and east first.

When I reached the ridge our village of Črnuče was already in the dusk.

Entering the forest I more felt than saw the path in front of me. I know these woods very well so it wasn't a problem.

When I reached the blind end of a side valley I turned the headlamp on, it was around kilometer 3.5. The fun of running through the dark and carrying your own light several steps ahead of you invigorated me.

Occasionally I stopped to walk a bit and enjoy the surroundings. So I greeted our local hero Cenet Štupat at his monument. Rest well, Cene.

The next stop was Rašica village and its firefighters' quarters.

I knew where I came from.

At that remained was almost 5 kilometers of running down, through the Magpie's valley and home.

It was a great run!

Ps: can you guess how the cover photo was taken?

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