2024: Become a Creator or Lose to AI

AI is getting extremely stronger these days.

ChatGPT and Dall-E are the product of imagination coming true.

You can write, create video, create audio, write stories, draw and do everything with the help of AI these days. Literally everything can be done just by explaining to the AI.

What would happen if you choose not to pay attention to the AI?

Let's talk about it.


Last month I posted an article on leofinance on various jobs and the skills that AI is bringing to the table. Almost every skill related to computer is available with AI.

And with speech to text and vice versa, AI can literally take your job and does it lot faster than humans.

So what should we do? Become a creator.

Humans are Unique, Take Advantage of That

AI can create fake humans in videos, audio and the text. But it can't replace real humans, YET. So we have to take advantage of that part. And make sure to do things that brings some value to us in society.

For example, you are some person on youtube or the instagram who does the regular live videos. And do answer the queries of your fans. That action would bring more money than being office document creator in office in upcoming years.

Thriving on the tips and support of the humans in near future is going to be norm. And there is nothing wrong with that. As the life moves ahead a lot of jobs are going to end and nothing can be done.

Creators have Vision, AI doesn't

Entrepreneurs, Creators, Business people and the artist, all of them have the vision. And AI has become the tool. AI is not our master yet. And the MEGAN movie is not real yet, so we are still in control.

AI is very strong in executing what you tell it. So your vision needs to be strong to create those products. And AI can take you there. Some of those things would be a good direction for you.

Vision is very important thing in the age of information. You can change direction of company, product and the people. So something like that AI doesn't have. They can speculate but they can't have the vision that has empathy like us.

Being a Creator is Inevitable

Take example of every couple, solo and the people of all ages these days. They are going through phases of loneliness. And so making content and uploading on the web is how they resolve that.

Something like that is going to change the way world is going to work. And something like that would bring another reset in our world. So we have to become the creator and be a guide for the people as a human.

I think we have been under fear of AI enough. It's time to become creator and then use the AI and not lose to the AI. Something a lot of people need to think over and do in that case.

I feel we have to learn to take care of careers this way. And not think AI as a competition all the time.

What do you think?

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Agree with you. AI can mainly copy but we can be creative. To put real emotions into your work and reach people is something that makes us still unique compared to AI.


Hello @esmeesmith this is an interesting article about AI

I don't like the fact of AI taking away more jobs because this is not good for people that need to support themselves.

It scares me. I think humans must remain in control over AI in my opinion.

Thanks for the article.

Barb :)




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