Bitcoin, Hive and Ethereum - A Small Portfolio

This year I got many reality checks. One of the most extensive reality checks is the number of blockchains out there that are nothing but scams or potential rug pulls. Many blockchain projects are nothing but developer sandboxes.

I feel it is time to reduce the portfolio. I will keep one coin for the regular withdrawals, and the rest I will hold for a long time. Now that would make my portfolio pretty simple to view and use.

I can give you more reasons why I am coming down to this decision. However, I feel like the bear market has opened the reality checks for many of us. Moreover, unless we see the signs and do something about it, we will lose money in every bear market every season.

So here are my reasons for choosing Bitcoin, Hive, and Ethereum.



I used to hate the people who are bitcoin maxis. They are pushy. They are snarky and can doubt your every decision—moreover, they look down on you when you talk about other blockchains.

Today, I get the reasons why they are like this. Thus, though I am not one of them. I joined them in the investment. Of course, I do not agree with them. However, I agree that bitcoin is a titan and a standard in the market against which other coins are weighed.

So I am going to hold my coins in bitcoin for the long term. Moreover, use them when I need them the most to handle my emergencies; till then, they are locked. Hopefully, they may even fund my retirement or say other needs like a house.


I have started writing on Publish0x. I write small posts. So that I can get the simple views on the blockchain out for the readers, this has started earning me a few cents here and there. I wish to accumulate that.

I am going to hold the Ethereum for the long term too. Who knows if I could have enough for the staking and the lending. So in that context, I would love to invest my time and effort in the same.

Currently, I have a portfolio under 700 USD, which is not much. Moreover, I have to regularly post content, build delegation with other tokens on Ethereum and see if that builds the value slowly.


This is my Ace of Spade. Compared to other content creators, I am not doing well, but I think the time and investment of the engagement that I do here could help me gather some chunk.

I have so much content to write here and learn and share. This could help build my opinion, and my experience would increase as well. I have yet to learn how to maximize the tribe tokens yet. So more on that soon.

If I can write more, stake some tribe tokens and let Leo work for me, that would be a good result by the end of this year. Moreover, this would also focus my efforts on this beautiful chain.

What is your portfolio these days?

My reasons for reducing the portfolio down to 3 top coins have been a bit weird for some people to understand. However, I do not want to keep a tab on many coins and get bogged down in their details.

How about you? What is your portfolio looking like this year?

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I still have so many shitcoins staked but I focus mainly on BTC, DOT and ETH besides HIVE and RUNE.
You are doing pretty well on Hive, you have to persist engaging and keep building your account, it will pay off