Cub Finance (CUB) vs PancakeSwap (CAKE)


This post is part of Cub Finance (CUB) Guide. In this section we are going to compare two DeFi platforms - Cub Finance (CUB) and PancakeSwap (CAKE).



This guide is meant to show you unbiased feature set comparison of DeFi platforms in discussion. Below table shows you the comparison points between the two DeFi platforms.

Cub Finance (CUB) PancakeSwap (CAKE)
Cub Finance is a DeFi yield farming platform on Binance chain. PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange & yield farming for the BEP-20 tokens.
CUB is the token being used in this DeFi platform. CAKE is the token being used in this DeFi yield farming platform.
Cub Finance supports Metamask, Trustwallet and Binance chain wallet. PancakeSwap supports Metamask, Trustwallet and Binance chain wallet.
Cub Finance charges 4% while taking the withdrawal out of den. PancakeSwap charges flat 0.25% trading fees in transaction in platform.
Cub Finance supports initial DEX offering (IDO) which are for tokens specific to crowdfunding on decentralized exchange. PancakeSwap support initial farm offering (IFO) which are tokens on the yield farming platform.
Cub Finance has means to avoid the impermanent loss and capitalize off it as per the experience of some of the investors. There is a limited data in this context. CAKE staking on the single asset so far has no impermanent loss recorded. However there is not much information on IL specific to LP staked.
Cubfinance's has farms option to stake your LP tokens to earn CUB. PancakeSwap has syrup pools where you can stake your LP to earn CAKE rewards.
Cub Finance has DEN and Kingdoms for staking CUB on it's platform. DEN being the manual harvest and compound option whereas the kingdom offering autocompound option. PancakeSwap offers liquidity pools (to supply liquidity) and syrup pools (to launch tokens) for staking CAKE into the platform.
Cub Finance even though it supports gaming tokens in trade like DEC but it has yet to list any NFT marketplace. PancakeSwap has a dedicated NFT section for games & exclusive NFTs on the Binance smart chains.
Cub Finance has been audited by the Certik smart contract auditors. That does make it safe but considering it's DeFi platform, the risk always exists. PancakeSwap has been audited by the Certik smart contract auditors platform. Despite the audits, there is always a risk in investment.

Cub Finance (CUB) or PancakeSwap (CAKE)?

Cubfinance and Pancakeswap both are DeFi yield platforms on the Binance smart chain and allows specific set of the liquidity pool benefits. Pancakeswap currently supports NFT and the IFOs whereas the Cub finance has the support for IDOs for now. Cub finance also has the feature of LeoBridge which is useful for many investors. The feature difference between the two platforms reflects in the marketplace price of respective platform tokens.


At the end the choice comes down to investors selection of liquidity pools and expected returns from the farms and exchanges.

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