Cub Finance IDOs - What are IDOs?


This post is part of Cub Finance (CUB) Guide. In this section we are going to see What are IDOs in CUB Finance.



CUB Finance supports section called IDOs also known as Initial DEX Offering. First we will take a look at what is IDO and then we will see what are benefits and issues with the IDOs. You can read in depth guide on Initial Dex Offering here.

What are Initial Dex Offerings (IDO)?

Initial DEX offering is a platform where the projects can get the crowdfunding for their projects like NFT, tokens or any other digital assets. Here the crowdfunding is done permissionless and decentralized.

Cub Finance allows IDOs on it's platform. Here the projects are not screened or controlled in any way like the ICOs or IFOs are done with some CeFi's.

You can access IDOs on CUBFinance here: CUBFinance IDO


IDOs on CUBFinance can be used for starting a token, digital asset through crowdfunding where market change is not controlled by any central entity.

What's the benefit of Cubfinance IDO?

There are some interesting benefit of the IDO feature in DeFi platforms.

  • No gatekeeper manipulation.
  • No manipulation of the market price.
  • Quick liquidity
  • Fast trading

There are many other benefits which vary based on the use case of the project that makes use of the IDO.

What are the Problems with IDOs?

IDOs are risky because they are permissionless and also decentralized. Unless there is any for of screening or form of community trust, it's not easy to trust them. So be it Cubfinance or any other DeFi, unless community has some trust on the project you are likely to see fly-by-night VC teams opening their crowdfunds, rug-pulling projects from devs are likely to slip through.


CUBFinance's IDO feature is useful for the projects which want to start crowfunding for their digital asset which they want to offer to community or any other use case that fits the IDO offering.

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