Failure is Movement. Success is Stability.


A lot of people who are not stable financially in life knows this and they can tell you different scenarios in which this can be described. Failure is often ignored and success is glorified especially on social media where we don't read about failure.

And that gives people a false impression that success is hustle and failure is stagnation. So let's discuss.

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Failure Expects You to Move

When you encounter a failure you are supposed to be programmed to find the solution of that thing. The obstacle kept by the universe is for that reason. It expects you to move. So some of the thing you have to keep on working on your failure in order to reach to the success.

Success Gives You Feeling of Stagnation

Sometimes you reach the success and you don't want to make much movement. You don't want to hustle and you don't want to work hard anymore. And when you stop working hard or stop moving at all. You remain where you are or going to be. So you are kind of in a stagnation. So you have to work on what you can and keep moving.

No failure means No Experience

Do you know kids or the people who have rich parents? What they don't learn is the hustle that ordinary people do in order to even retain the job or their daily wages. And that experience teaches us a lot about the society and the people around. You have to fail a lot and find solution to earn that experience.

If Success Changes So Does the Failure

No failure is alike. You may fail in art and succeed in science and vice versa. And so you have to keep changing your failure to match the success. You have to adjust with new success points and adjust the failure that comes with the same. So you have to make sure to plan your success and failure pair with same mindset.

If you want to keep going ahead you have to learn to fail. You have to fight for your stability and keep moving ahead. You can't have the complete feeling of success when you don't acknowledge the failure in it as well.


We learn to chase success but we don't want to own up the failure that comes along the way. We are kind of conditioned like that. But failure is an experience which can take us to many tangents. So let's just focus on learning new success while tasting the failure and getting experience along the way.

How do you treat failure and success in your life?

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