Fantom (FTM) vs Ethereum (ETH)


This section is a part of Fantom (FTM) crypto Guide. In this section we are going to compare two blockchains - Fantom (FTM) vs Ethereum (ETH).



This guide is meant to show you unbiased feature set comparison of blockchains in discussion. Below table shows you the comparison points between the two blockchains.

Fantom (FTM) Ethereum (ETH)
Fantom blockchain was released first in 2018 by fantom foundation and released the token in 2019 on it's mainnet OPERA. Ethereum was launched in 2013 in conceptual paper and then it was released in mainnet in 2015.
Fantom has around $5,322,424,245 USD worth of market supply with circulating supply of 2,545,006,273 FTM coins. Ethereum has 117,046,619 coins in circulation and so far $365,186,415,050 coins in supply.
Fantom is based on the Lachesis which is a Fantom’s aBFT consensus algorithm, making it lot reliable and faster than the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum's current infrastructure is based on Proof of Work but in near future it will be rolling out it's Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.
Fantom is completely open source and community driven though they do have the core team handling major upgrades. Ethereum has it's own foundation and has open source & community model but it too does have core team handling major upgrades.
Fantom has support for Vyper, Ethereum Virtual machine and even Cosmos SDK support for development of smart contracts and dApps. Ethereum has Solidity as it's primary language for developing smart contract and the dApps.
Fantom has comparitively lower cost in the transactions than the Ethereum. Ethereum due to it's Proof of Work model has low cost for the transaction.
Fantom's current transaction per second is around 50,000 TPS which surpasses SOLANA. Ethereum's current TPS is around 50. So comparison wise ETH is slower than both Solana & Fantom.
Fantom's native token FTM can be staked, lend and also traded in the exchanges. Ethereum's native token ETH can be staked, lend and also traded with other pairs.
Fantom is intended to compete in the space such as cardano, polkadot, solana and Ethereum due to it's features and ability to scale. Ethereum is in same space of the base blockchains which can be extended like cosmos, solana, fantom and Polkadot.
Fantom does allow the development of the dApps, smart contract, DeFi and other cross chain bridges. Ethereum's own infrastructure allows layer 2 tokens, dApps, smart contracts and DeFi on it's chain.

Fantom or Ethereum - Which one to choose?

Ethereum seems to be having lot of scalability issues over the years which has increased it's cost on the transaction fee side. Which has made many project cross over to other blockchains. Fantom is cashing in on the opportunity in the gaps where the Ethereum fails to perform. It is not only quick to perform in terms of transaction side but also lot cheaper.

However performance wise Fantom has yet to take on any big project which can demonstrate it can scale in the high pressure and load. In near future it won't be surprising to see many high performance promising projects choosing Fantom blockchain and investor shifting towards scalable blockchain like Fantom.

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If you are a developer who wants to build dApps or smart contracts, both the blockchains are useful for you. On the other hand, If you are an investor staying invested in both the chains is much better choice.

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