Hive Blockchain - Use Case vs Celebrity Influence

When you look at the various types of blockchain projects out there, you can see how the projects often require influence to promote themselves. In that context, many coins and blockchains are promoted by celebrities and influencers in a way that helps blockchain get some value and attention from the market. However, that does not exempt itself from the competition of case-based blockchains.

Hive has blockchain games, a content platform, layer two tokens, and a few other use cases, which makes it on par with the blockchains like Ethereum and others. However, adoption is where most of us are lacking. Moreover, we need much strong support in order for the blockchain to have any decent value out of the market. So let us talk about the use case vs. the celebrity influence.


Game Use Case

Nobody promoted the Splinterlands; it started from the steam and was later renamed Splinterlands. It was not the game ever discussed by the YouTubers or the social media people. The promotion for the game was kind of limited, yet many card gamers got word of mouth and got the game among the top 10 games on the blockchain. Till the Axie and other clones tried to dethrone the game, it remained in the top 5 too.

Games on Hive are pretty cool. The game like drops, city and the splinterlands are like the games where many new gamers are looking up. Besides that, the tribe tokens like 1up and the SPT reward the users for their content specific to the games on the Hive blockchain. This is one of the strongest use cases that many blockchains are struggling with like Solana and others are yet to catch up on.

As long as the Hive blockchain works with the use case, it will get the right people's attention. Moreover, that in itself is going to be a good start for the Hive. Moreover, it does not have to wait for a celebrity endorsement. It just needs the attention of the people who move the cash flow into the chain.

Twitter Endorsement

Any random chain developed in the market shows it is the first step on Twitter. Most of the propaganda of the scam chains also works on Twitter. Almost every chain out there is trying to gather clout on Twitter. This way, they can get the ideas to move faster for their project. I feel that by getting endorsed by the people trying to get the community's attention for the blockchain, they can use such platforms.

Compared to Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube, you would find that Twitter is one of those strong social media for blockchain promotion. Hive can bring many people to the platform if it gets the endorsement. Moreover, this also means more people will add to the cash flow. Moreover, this also means more developers would be coming to the dApp space, which would be a good help for the Hive.

Celebrity Preaching

We do not have Elon Musk, Cuban supporting us. Instead, they are after the CeFi scams. Moreover, they want to work on those because they want easy money. We have to think of the Celebrity who is only good and positive. For example, Dash has done much endorsement through the govt and similar projects and contracts, which would make you think that preaching has worked for them. However, we have to make it work for the Hive too.

Because celebrities endorse it, they will not bring the direct cash flow. Instead, they are going only to drive some traffic towards the Hive. Moreover, knowing the benefits of the Hive, we have to collect more small space players into the Hive. This way, we can have below-the-radar people getting into the Hive blockchain. I hope that would work out for the Hive ecosystem in real life, and things settle properly.

What do you think?

I feel Hive has a long way to go, and instead of the celebrity route, we have to take the use case route, which would be a good thing for the future of the Hive. Shortly, I hope we can get some positive attention from other people and things improve from that point onwards.

What is your opinion on this? How do you think things would change?

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For good or ill, at the moment Hive social media is the platform for social media misfits. This isn't an insult, it's just the reality compared to whatever else is out there.

(If this makes me a misfit, then I raise my hand.)

I'm not saying that Hive does not need an influencer on the level of Elon Musk, Martha Stewart, or even Andrei Jikh. Until someone of that caliber of fame joins Hive, it will remain in the shadows toiling away.

What Hive can do until it lands That Influencer is attract people who have been done wrong. People involved in high-profile situations who themselves are not high-profile people. Canadian truckers and Dutch farmers come to mind; if not the actual truckers or farmers, then people representing them such as lawyers or heads of organizations. If social media isn't a good enough reason to attract these influencers, then crowdfunding may do it.

If we can't be a direct reason for landing That Influencer, maybe Hive can be an indirect reason. After the 1st Influencer joins Hive, it's easier for the 2nd and 3rd to become Hivers.

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