Hive Delegation - Investing into Hive through Hive Power

I have been watching some of the accounts on Hive and noticed this pattern. Many high HP accounts are delegating their power to the other community and curation accounts. This kind of builds the Community here, and the Delegation earns you rewards.

I should encourage more people to improve their Hive power through curation and also put out my views on why the Delegation is a good thing for the users who are planning on staying in the ecosystem longer.

So let us discuss why one should invest in the Hive ecosystem through Delegation?


Delegation Helps Curation Power

A lot of accounts out there on Hive are curating the communities. Some are tribe token specific, some are tag-specific, and some curate the quality content regardless of where the content is posted.

When you delegate the hive power to such accounts, you are helping them have voting power, which they can use to reward the author with their vote. This, in turn, helps both the authors and the curator in the reward economy.

The hive ecosystem itself gets enough value when they curate the quality content. Something many people would like to see happen across multiple tribe communities.

Delegation Helps Drive Vote through Proposals

Sometimes, the witness and other Hive creators or developers want to execute specific ideas. Moreover, they use the proposed system to put out their offer. Moreover, if enough votes arrive, those proposals get the nod. Sometimes even the voting value is enough to put up the effort.

So those who delegate to such witness accounts too are helping the hive ecosystem have a vote in such a proposal system. Moreover, this, in turn, would help the delegators have some value over the system.

I have yet to have a witness vote, and I am still unsure who to go with for support. So in case of delegating to the witness, do your research before doing a witness vote and delegating those accounts.

Delegation is how you give back to the Community

Sometimes, you do not have the time or energy to curate the content manually. In such a case, you have the option to join the curation trail, or you can delegate to the accounts that can do the curation.

So in case of the Delegation, where you want the Community to have power, you can consider delegating to them. This way, you are contributing to the growth of that Community and the Hive ecosystem.

You benefit whenever you delegate or curate for better author content. Having curation power for more significant accounts is always a good thing. Make sure to do your research before you delegate your HP to anyone.

What do you think?

I feel Delegation is a new concept for many new and not-so-regular content creators on Hive. So if you curate or create content on Hive, what is your opinion on hive power delegation?

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