Hive for Content Creators - Things That Matter

I am one of Hive's preachers pushing for new content creators regularly. I wish to bring more new content creators, just like how the teachers bring new students every year to the school and get them to join things they like. My role is to write the content that attracts people to this chain. So though I cannot validate my work, I still hope those reading it outside the leofinance get to join the chain.

I feel very few chains out there in the crypto winter can have future potential as content creation is the prime job of the creators on the internet. Hive has that part covered already. You can create content using images, audio, and video. You also have text-based content, and you get the content out for various reasons, like a typical blogger. So as a creator, there are things that you should know that matter on the hive blockchain, at least from my point of view; I would explain that to you.

So what are some of the things that matter for content creators?


Focusing on Tribe, Tokens, and Niche

When you join Hive blockchain, it helps if you join a tribe. Be it a splintertalk to talk about the splinterlands discussions. Alternatively, if you are into DIY, you can join the BUIDL and the DIY community. You can also join the proof of brain and others for generic discussion. Most of the tribes, including leofinance, have their token. Moreover, you either earn that or the plain Hive. Some communities pay you based on the tags being used, which get curated in the feeds of the curators.

Tokens which are on the Hive are also worth investing your time into. Like some, the tokens like BRO, Utopis, CTP, INDEX, and a few others are some of the strong tokens worth investing your time into. Moreover, the type of niche they have will make it easier for you to write content and curate. Both of those activities matter on this chain.

If you do not have a strong focus on any niche, tribe, or token, that will put more pressure on your life. Moreover, it would help if you could focus on that because aimlessly wandering on the chain will not be a good idea for growth. I used to be one such; then, I started contributing through Leofinance and sticking with that. I hope this direction stays strong for me.

Bringing New People, New Traffic and Focusing on Adoption

No chain will be vital if some older whales invest in it. You need new blood into the crowd. That is how the finances work, just like the army. New people need to join and contribute each year in terms of content and cash flow. This way, the chain keeps on going. Sometimes, having the content curated gives some strength to the people with rewards on the chain.

New traffic also needs to come into the chain. Because this way, the new people get to discover the content. So we have to also think of the content w.r.t SEO and other traffic variables. When we focus on this part, new people can discover a good content piece through SEO. Also, that is a good direction for the future so that content can be easily linked and connected with good content.

Adoption of chains happens because we actively preach about chain adoption. Moreover, I think the chain gets adopted by new people every year, which also boosts prices. Because if the chain brings in new cash flow, that will keep it sustainable for the already adopted new users. So we have to think of content creation from that perspective.

Ignoring The Noise

There is also much noise on the chain, like whales, enforcers, spam, plagiarism, etc. You have limited time on this planet. Moreover, too much noise and spam would not help you in that regard. Sometimes, you have to ignore the noise and think of what you can do. Sometimes, putting ourselves too deep into the community has its price and drama. So we can always move past such noise.

Noise is something that happens in all the blockchain communities. Some decisions work well, and others may not work well. We all, as community members, have to think of this as noise and move ahead. Because what other choice do we have? We have to think of things that are not something under our control. And then move past this sort of life issues.

Community issues are not something we should always think of when writing content. We create the content and let the network effect of it take over. Our job will be good if we can do it with some engagement and make new connections along the way. So in that context, it would be reasonable to create content, engage and then let things happen with the rest.

What do you think as a creator?

I am a Content Creator on Hive. I think of Hive promotion as one of my roles for which nobody pitched me or hired me. I met some good people; I thought I should preach the chain for that value. In that case, I feel some of the things that matter I explained above. I hope new creators also continue to come here, and that experience helps us all.

What is your experience?

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You are 100% right, growth doesn’t mean that people already here post/engage more. Of course that is good but REAL growth comes from new/more people joining in. We need to push on that.
My strategy is to cross post also on Twitter to make people aware of Hive & @LeoFinance, since I am creating finance content. I also did severs episodes in my podcast about Hive and what benefits it offers for creators.
Do you have other good things that work well?
Regards Thomas


I have plans to create a hashtag that can be used on other social networks and then drive traffic to the hive. Say I have this hashtag planned for apps built on hive. I want people to get traffic from social media to hive. I also think that running some content contest may work to drive traffic but I am going to try some ideas and see what works one by one :)