Hive - Solution to Starving Artists Syndrome

Did you experience your parents stopping you from becoming an artist? Or they do not want you to be an author? I have experienced that. Moreover, as I started writing during my off hours, I realized why my parents were right.

Those were the times when the writers had limited ways to monetize their content. Sure, AdSense came out during our generation. However, the thing is that monetizing your random thoughts in text, audio, and video was not easy in the past.

Today, if you are an artist, author, and into the art of any type. You have plenty of monetization options, thanks to the Internet. I recently realized how the Hive could be an excellent option to monetize and come out of the starving artist syndrome.

How does Hive offer a solution to the lifestyle of Starving Artists syndrome?


Focus on Your Content, Hive Does the Rest

Many authors, artists, and creative people do not want to see the underlying details of blockchains. Instead, they want to focus on monetization and content delivery. Something that needs the focus more than the blockchain itself.

In such a case, Hive does the heavy lifting allowing you the front end for posting the content. You also have the communities that could serve you with your content's response from their support. In short, you focus on the content.

You would also get long-term exposure as the content is fixed for years in the blockchain. Sometimes, focusing on the delivery of the content matters the most instead of chasing the blockchain details.

No Censorship

In the real world, when you get a job as an author, entrepreneur or content creator for any firm. You will get the specific keywords, topics, and word count that you have to hit. You are also supposed not to hurt the sentiments of various types of people out there.

This is not the case with the Blockchain cryptocurrency communities, where they offer some freedom. Now it does not stop at the freedom but also allows you to monetize your voice. So you can criticize the Taliban, Pakistan, and other terror nations and do not get blocked as you do on Facebook.

The best part is that Hive can get your content monetized through upvotes. Sometimes, downvotes do exist, but they rarely come in unless you are doing something wrong.


Now Hive or any other content writing blockchains will not take you from rags to riches. Instead, you get enough to go by depending on how you perform in the tribes where you post the content. In such a case, your focus has to be on content and engagement; the rewards are just a bonus.

This also means that a more significant reward can reach the people. Moreover, they will push you forward toward the things that matter in your life. That is what matters for your engagement rewards too.

If you are struggling financially, think of this as side tips and not something to rely upon. However, if you establish yourself well, who knows, it could help you with finances too.

What do you think?

I feel that creative people can benefit from their stay here on Hive. Moreover, they will not become starving artists. Instead, they would be happy to contribute their creative work here on Hive.

Do you think the same? What is your opinion?

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