Solana (SOL) vs Cardano (ADA)


This section is a part of Cardano guide and Solana guide. In this section we are going to see the unique features of the two blockchains - Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL).



This guide is meant to show you unbiased feature set comparison of blockchains in discussion. Below table shows you the comparison points between the two blockchains.

Solana (SOL) Cardano (ADA)
Solana project came into inception in 2017 but the coin was launched in 2020. Cardano was launched in Sept 27th 2017.
Solana has 489 million SOL tokens with 260 million coins are in circulation. Cardano has max supply of 45 billion ADA while 32 billion coins already in circulation.
Solana in order to handle scalability and usability of the blockchain using the Proof of History (POH) consensus mechanism. Cardano has created it's own version of the Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism called Ouroboros.
Solana has Rust as it's Primary language for the blockchain with support for C as extended language. Cardano has Haskell based Plutus language that is being used in it's blockchain.
Solana supports smart contracts and it's possible to deploy NFTs, dApps and blockchain based infrastructure. Cardano has to release any official smart contract dApps and NFTs though smart contracts started since August 2021.
Solana enforces it's token and standards for smart contract through solana program library. Cardano has no specific standard released for Tokens and smart contracts.
Solana is expected to reach 50,000 TPS with block time of 400ms. Cardano's default TPS is 40 whereas it's Layer 2 hydra is tested for 1 million TPS.
Solana at it's current stage has no such news regarding the compliance. Cardano has been integrataed with KYC and AML specific blockchain intetrations to comply with govt. crypto regulations for future.
Solana makes use of the chainvote system for the governance related tasks for govt, corporate or community governance. Cardano's phase 5 Voltaire would make updates regarding treasury & voting for self sustainability of the blockchain.
Solana is intended with replacement of Ethreum in mind where they could allow digital assets, decentralized finance and smart contracts. Cardano is inteded for building scalable smart contracts, financial applications and protocols.

Solana (SOL) or Cardano (ADA)?

Solana has faster transaction time per block which makes it ideal for financial industry smart contracts. It is also suitable for various legal and digital asset related dApps.

Cardano on the other hand currently makes use of the peer reviewed and scientifically tested secure protocol and smart contracts which are intended for variety of govt regulated features in near future.

What blockchain to choose out of them depends on the developers and users investment strategy.


Solana and Cardano both seems to be solving different set of use cases. And the investors who are choosing them based on price and market performance would vary from the developers who use them for their own intended use case. What you wish to choose as one of your roles - developer or investor, would depends on your own choices and long term approach.

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Solana is very progressive as they have thousands of developers working hard to make it next level blockchain. Cardano is something like tortoise ,can be successfull but in long term.