What Is a Minimalist Mindset? How does it fix my problems?


Many people go minimalist pretty early in their life. Like before graduating or before reaching 30s. I must be one of those late bloomers who have managed to get into the minimalism pretty late. I got into the minimalist mindset in 30s. And now I want to be frugal with minimalism in my approach.

So what is a minimalist mindset? How does this mindset works? We will see how minimalism can fix some of our everyday life issues. So let's address those issues one by one.


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Minimalism Reduces Decision Chaos

You may notice that decision chaos is one of the thing that will affect us before we reach the old age. And that means we have to think of taking the right decisions and also have to make sure it has some impact. So in such case having minimalist approach always helps.

Minimalism Reduces Confusion

You may notice that before minimalism you could get confused with a lot of decisions issues and adding more confusion with more choices coming towards you. In such case you can reduce them using the simplicity and knowing needs vs wants and reducing the confusion in the process.

Minimalism Reduces Your Instinct of Social Validation

Are you buying something for the sake of the validation from the family and friends? You may find that minimalism reduces the need for such validation. So if you are struggling for the validation from the others then you should be thinking about adopting the minimalist mindset.

Minimalism Fixes "Fear of Missing Out" Mindset

Are you watching those instagram reels and feeling that you didn't travelled or you don't have a good body or wife or husband? In that case minimalism will fix you by showing you what you need and not what you want. You will get fixed through FOMO mindset by adopting more of minimalist approach in your everyday thinking.

Minimalist mindset does not happen overnight. And you would have to go through various means in order to make this mindset work for you. This requires you taking minimalist approach towards your needs and build on that.


Minimalism mindset is basically shift in mindset towards requiring things you want and things you need less than what you want. It fixes a lot of mindset issues that could lead to some of the problems in our life.

Do you follow minimalism? How does it work for you?:)


Well, I am just learning about this today, and from all the points you raise, i think having this mindset is worthwhile

We will not be affected by the things other people do as we will be able to differentiate the things we need through the mirror of needs and wants.

Fomo will not be part of us, and we will be living a life that has less mental chaos. Thanks for sharing with us