My Company or My One Night (5)


"Dare me and I will bend you over on that desk and fuck you in your conference room" he said as his eyes searched mine. Speechless as to what to say to him, he leaned in and kissed me softly. He then left without saying a word.

Staring after his retreating figure for a second, then turned around to look at the glass wall. It was as if the city vanished before my eyes and all I saw was our encounter last night. 'What the hell did I get myself into?' I whispered to myself. Stunned by what just happened, I slowly made my way back to my office, feeling more confused than ever. After a few minutes of walking, I realized I didn't answer Derek's question. How could I have deleted my contact from his phone? What if he never talks to me again?

Taking a deep breath, I looked at my wristwatch and I saw it was almost time for lunch. So I quickly dialed Jenny's number to ask if she would go to lunch with me if she hadn't left my office. It rang a while then she picked up.

"Hey sweet. How did the meeting go?" she asked

"Em, I was thinking, can you have lunch with me?" I said.

"Sure. I was about to leave your office. So I will wait for you at the reception." With that, we both hung up.

Without any further waste of time, I carried my bag headed for the elevator, and then punched the button that would take me to the last floor. Not long, I got to the reception and saw Jenny deep in conversation with my receptionist. Immediately she saw she said her goodbye and walked toward me so that we were side by side as we walked out to have lunch across the street. We got to the restaurant and I quickly ordered our usual chicken burrito with some fries and ketchup by the side.

"Hey. Are you okay? You look sad". Jenny asked

"Jenny, I messed up big time and I don't know what to do" I said

"What did you do?"

With that, I told her what I did to Derek Davenport last night and how he is the CEO of Sunflare Enterprise. He is the owner of the company I have been working hard for the past six months to qualify for their multi-billion contract that would keep my own company from going bankrupt.

"Wow! Rebecca, you are a bitch. Why did you delete your contact from his phone?"

"Look, Jenny, don't judge me harshly. You know I want this to be a 'one-time thing' and Derek is just trouble, I smell it in him. I don't think I can handle him. He is too much for me to take on now. I am still fragile and healing"

"Well I guess you just judged Derek harshly after the way he treated you last night. Also, do you know maybe Derek came into your life to help you remember the woman you were after your psycho husband? Think about it, Sweet."

After lunch with Jenny, my best friend, I called my secretary to clear my calendar for the day because I didn't feel like working anymore. I sat in my car in my penthouse parking lot and I started thinking. What the hell was I thinking by deleting his contact from his phone. What was more confusing is the way I felt when I walked into the conference room. Seeing him again made me feel something I hadn't felt in a long while. I just wanted to kiss him at that time, but also push him away because I am afraid of what might happen next, and that scares me. Still thinking of what to do, my phone buzzed with a text message. Checking my phone, I saw it was a text message from Derek.

Ms, Black
I got flowers delivered to you and I hope you like them.
Good night xoxo

"Now he has gotten my number back, Jesus! What have I gotten myself into" I muttered. So I immediately got out of my car to go to my apartment. Getting to my apartment I saw a dozen of Flowers at my doorstep with a card attached to them. I took the flowers and took out the card.

I hope you love the flowers and I look forward to having coffee with you tomorrow morning to talk about the contract.
Derek Davenport

Reading those words I began to panic. What if he doesn't give my company the contract because of the way left things? With that question in my mind, I unlocked the door to my apartment. Getting inside I quickly changed into something more comfortable and I began to make dinner. Cutting some vegetables I remembered, that I still haven't replied to Derek's text message. So I stopped what I was doing to go reply to his message.

Mr. Derek.
Thank you for the flowers. I will see you tomorrow.

Then I press the send button and immediately another message bounced back

Dream of me eating every part of you.

As I read his reply, I felt a tingle between my thighs as I recall our last sexual encounter.

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Rebecca wants to secure the company/contract or she is having cravings for Derek hehe waiting for the next part but let me check out the recent part as few words are creating suspense hehe.


Heheh thank you. I appreciate your comment here. I am glad you you enjoy reading the story. Next part coming up soon.


I read all the sensational 4 parts after reading the 5th part 🤣 waiting for the surprise in the 6th part.