My Company or My One Night Stand (6)


With the sensation I was feeling in between my thighs, I felt my craving for a man's touch and the face of the man in my head was Derek Davenport's. I went into the bathroom and caught a glance of myself in the mirror, perspiration all over my skin. I quickly ran a cold bath. After that, I felt a lot better and so I went to bed.

It was another day, a beautiful day with a promise of goodness and productivity. Feeling excited today, I went to work early and my secretary asked if I was okay. I told her to bring usual black coffee. Starting my day vibrantly, I got a lot done within three hours and I felt so good about it. Then my phone chimed with a time reminder. It was time for me to go meet Derek Davenport, the owner of Solarflare Enterprise and the man that gave me the best sex of my life a few days ago. Thinking about him, I thought and hope he understands that I want our last sexual encounter to be a 'one-time thing' but deep inside I feel, he won't be taking no for an answer.

Stepping out of my Escalade, I walked into the Café where we were to meet for coffee. There weren't a lot of people in the café, so I walked over to a more secluded booth and settled in. Putting my handbag down, a lady who I assumed to be the waiter came over to me with the café's breakfast menu. So I told her to bring water for the main time because I was waiting for someone. Not long, a Mercedes-Maybach pulled over behind my Escalade. There was no mistaking anything, Derek just arrived and then he came out from the back seat. Of course, he has a driver. I muttered.

As he walked into the Café, I couldn't help but notice the way looks. He wore a perfectly well-tailored grey suit with a crisp white shirt underneath the suit, a black burgundy tie, and Italian shoes. As he approached where I was seated, his eyes wandered all over my body and I felt like a bug under a microscope. Before I could say anything, he bent down and kissed my cheek. His aftershave welcomed me. If I was white by race, he would see me blush.

"Ms. Black you made it." he said in a deep husky voice.

"Yes I did because you want to talk about the contract?" I said with a straight face as I tried not to give out how my body was reacting to his alpha male presence.

"About the contract, your company won the contract and before you say anything, I am not giving you this contract on merit but I have seen your previous work years back they were good. That's why I chose your company."

"I-I don't know what to say. Thank you and my company will deliver, I promise"

"I look forward to a good relationship with your company. So would you let me take you out for a proper dinner?"

"Derek, I don't intend to mix pleasure with business. I would like our relationship to be strictly professional?"

He sighed, then leaned in closer to my face and said, "You meant what you said about our last encounter, didn't you?"

Taking a deep breath, his aftershave surrounded me, clean and fresh with a hint of Sandalwood. Lost for words I nodded. He glared at me, then he took my hand in his warm big hands and said lowering his voice, "I am sorry you will have to make an exception for me because I get what I want and all I want is you."

Derek's voice conveys authority. The voice coming from this big six-foot-six tall man commands attention. It was unmistakable. Looking him in the eyes, I got lost in it, and I was hypnotized. The waiter's approach made me aware of my environment and I quickly removed my hand from his. Afterward, we ordered what we wanted.

Two hours later…

I was back at the office in a meeting with my staff to pair them into groups according to their duties for the contracts. The contract is meant to be delivered in two months and there is a lot of work to be done. As I threw myself into work to stay busy so I don't think of how I aggressively turned down Derek's proposal of taking me to dinner. I was angry at him because of his confidence and his arrogant attitude. I just couldn't deal with him. So I abruptly ended our coffee meeting and left him at the café. That was rude of me, but I had no choice before I cracked under those alluring eyes of his.

The day ended well as I sat in my office facing the glass wall looking at the sun going down to birth the night hours for the city. Then I remembered I had to call Jenny, my best friend, to let her know that my company won the contract and hopefully my company doesn't go bankrupt. After the call to her, I made a mental list of sending an official email tomorrow morning to Derek Davenport the CEO of Solarflare for a report of the first segment of the contract being carried out. Then my phone chimed with a text message and it was from Derek.

Just so you know, I don't give up until I get what I want.
Goodnight Ms. Black xoxo

Cursing under my breath, I packed up my bag and computer so I could through the night at home. Taking one last look at my office I clicked the door softly behind me and left for the comfort of my home.

To be continued...

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