The Devil doesn't bargain!


He seems perfect in all aspects in your eyes.
You find no flaws in him.
You see him as your prince charming
He lures you with his beauty.
He speaks words you want to hear.
You think he has you in heart.
You create space for him to occupy in your life.

When he knows he has you in his grip
He then requires you to validate him
He strives to be perfect in your eyes
He tells you he needs to be in control
He shows you that he is entitled to every aspect of your life.
He feeds off your compliments to him.
He is antagonistic to you at any slightest chance.

I don't mean to meddle
I see him for who he is
I am not blinded by his beauty
All I want is best for you in the end
Don't push me away
I don't want to see you get hurt
The devil doesn't bargain!

He uses the emotional control he has over you against you.
The blinds you had on have fallen off now
You see him for who is
He isn't the prince charming you thought he was
You realise he broke you emotionally
You realise his beauty got you in his grip
Then you say to yourself, "I can change him"

The devil doesn't bargain!
Is it worth it my friend?
You think you change him, but you can't
He is elusive, abusive, the truth is before your eyes
The devil doesn't bargain!
He will only break you the more
Let go and move on my friend

Leave when you still can
You can't change him
The stripes of a tiger can't be changed
The devil doesn't bargain
Is worth it to lose your life in the process
Let go and leave!
The devil doesn't bargain!

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