✨Hello Fellows Splinterlanders!✨

⚡️Your favourite Doctor is back here with a Special edition! Since my road to Champion I have been lucky enough to play with many skilled players but today I am here to show something special that happened to me!

I have been lucky enough to play against @clove71 (Hey clove if you read this big fans of yours!) I do not really love sharing my battles but this one was a special one and I want to share my story with you!⚡️

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Since I have been a kid I always loved videos, films, documentaries and luckily I am born in the era of Youtube & Twitch. If today I am here narrating you this story it's just because of Youtube. Trust me I could not be bothered to go around look for p2e, try to understand what game was good or not... Call me lazy or not it's plenty of good people around us like Clove, Bulldog,Oldmanqt , Lukep2e and Dwayne (those are just the ones I love but please go out and support our content creators) that are willing to put a face on a game and share their experience. Big shotout to all of you guys! Thank you for what you do for this community.

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🤠So Doc. How all of this happened? 🤠

As I have told you on my last article I am currently participating in a Scholarship, a lovely Guildmate of mine saw potential in me and decided to see what I could have achieved with a Modern Format Deck in the current league (Spoiler: yesterday I was in top 45 but of course I have been greedy and I felt down after winning vs Clove).

At the moment I am sitting in Diamond 1 and last season I closed Champion after starting this game 2 months and half ago (this is my 6th season).

😤Without any further talking let's jump into the game!😤image.png

When you are in Diamond-Champion the prepick phase of the game is the most important one. You want to study your enemy, discover his secrets and play your best game based on prediction.

Assumptions: It is a 30 mana game.. in this kind of ruleset the 2 best summoner are Yodin and Kitty, for obvious reason Kitty is banned. What my enemy will play? Mage? Nah it is too easy to counter at this stage of the game, plus it is a big risk to play mage. Too much reflection, silence.. She will not do it.
Yodin with Archers? I think so, she did not play Yodin in the last 5 games, it would have been hard to predict. So I went all in and I decided to go for the Water Splinter with Lir Deepswimmer.

Was it a right decision? Well, based on my comp I went for a silence and a double void, so the return fire ensured that I could counter every type of dmg.. even if Clove picked something else..

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Expect the unexpected

This is the rule number one of this game, always expect the unexpected.. and to some extend I was ready for it.. look at my comp.


My lineup & analysis:

  • Poisition 1 Baakjira lvl 4 ➡️ Slow enemy, could have tanked a single damage from frontline and empower my team of 1 HP
  • Position 6 Wave Brood lvl 6 ➡️ I told you I was expecting a Yodin comp so I wanted to ensure to tank all the dmg on my last Monster with a Kelp next to it. Tank the dmg and reflect it, every single turn.
  • Position 5 Kelp Initiate lvl 8 ➡️ Healing the backline and helping in case of explosion dmg.
  • Position 2 Sea Mandarin lvl 8 ➡️ Silence, to help my tanks to hold dmg, Triage to heal my Wave brood, 2 damage... just to bring something back to the enemy
  • Position 3 Igor Darkspear lvl 6 ➡️ I like to always bring a Stun with me, it can be really convenient to prevent the enemy to do dmg.
  • Position 4 Two Gun Pete lvl 4 ➡️ Another stun + redemption in case I would have lost Wave Brood after reflecting a lot of dmg I am sure this guy would have oneshotted a Team Comp based on Yodin

Why this team? Well I knew she could not pick any melee.. Silence + Void on my tanks would have mitigated a Mage comp and at 30 mana you are not in a High mana game so many times you have low health monster. My goal was to reflect all damage, keep Baakjira alive and finish my enemy with 2 Gun Pete.

Clove Analysis:

I know that Clove71 loves that summoner but I did not expect it, I guess she had my same feeling that I would have played Yodin. It was the legit decision in that ruleset. Long story short? If I have been playing a Yodin team I can predict that she would have won.

Let me explain why:

  1. Lord Arianthus + Queen Mycelia. Easy to prevent a lot of damage, a double Triage to heal all the backilne + 4 Armor and a Heal for tank. She aimed to not take a single damage.
  2. Look at her backline, 3 monster with high speed. You want to try snipe my back line? Go for it, let's see where you go!
  3. High speed team in general. Yodin is a really good summoner but speed is speed. Just with the last 3 Monster she had a total of 17 +3 of summoner Speed, Yodin would have never given any similar stat to their Monster.

My comment? I won because we both predicted the same things and we have a different way of approaching it.
Another comment: Modern Format is amazing. Maybe you will not easily notice it but a mixed comp with a Modern Format team.

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It's video time! Ps. I splitted the video in 3 Parts as I knew it would take 5 minutes to watch the full game! Hope you will enjoy this great match in top 40!

As always I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe you can learn something from this. If you have any question please feel free to ask me anything!

Also if you are new to the game you can find my links here! Feel free to check my other articles to discover how I reached Champion in 6 seasons!

Dr. Estiqaatsi

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