Strategy Change


I am making a strategy change with my financials on Hive. I originally was going to lean primarily onto HBD due to its peg to the dollar the the 20% earnings. Those are two undeniably attractive attributes.

However with Hive prices recently falling, I somewhat impulsively decided to buy more Hive. Call me crazy.

Strategy Change

This is the plan I am just starting to put into action.

  1. Purchase Hive and power it all up ( HP earns 3.04% APY)
  2. Delegate HP to @leo.voter ( HP earns 16% APY, paid in LEO)
  3. Sell LEO for HBD and transfer into savings (HBD Savings earns 20% APY)

My thoughts are still to build up HBD, but I think this is a much more effective way of going about it. At first I'll be leaving the HBD interest in savings, but at some point I'll start putting that back in as Hive Power.

I feel like I figured out a cheat code.

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My strategy is to hit my target for LEO first before building my Hive account. Because it's like a second engine that grows my overall account. My thinking is that if Hive moons, LEO would jump even more. After all substantially more new money and new users, which is what is needed to fundamentally increase Hive prices would bring in new crypto users would find Leo Finance valuable.



Interesting you should say this, I was actually rethinking my own strat again. Instead of getting HBD at this time, I will 50/50 my LEO rewards. Leaving 50% as LEO and converting 50% into HP. Then each month increase my leo.voter delegation.

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