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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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+87.101 HIVE
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Author reward: 2.606 CTP for evegrace/they-were-thrashed
Author reward: 0.048 CTP for evegrace/re-liotes-kvxjrtcn
Author reward: 0.048 CTP for evegrace/re-liotes-kvxjqdfk
Author reward: 0.978 CTP for evegrace/re-lisamgentile1961-kvxjm7vt
Author reward: 0.709 CTP for evegrace/tottenham-hotspurs-sacks-nuno-and-brings-antonio
Author reward: 5.252 CTP for evegrace/for-the-love-of-shadow
Author reward: 3.413 CTP for evegrace/newcastle-united-is-the-real-deal
Author reward: 0.821 CTP for evegrace/snake-eyes-is-worth-watching
Author reward: 0.823 CTP for evegrace/an-exceptional-match
Author reward: 0.044 CTP for evegrace/what-defines-you
Author reward: 0.897 CTP for evegrace/the-pains
Author reward: 0.831 CTP for evegrace/quit-wasting-your-energy
Author reward: 0.236 CTP for evegrace/assumptionwhat-i-would-do-with-a-million-hive
Author reward: 2.276 CTP for evegrace/fight-it
Author reward: 5.388 CTP for evegrace/my-high-heel-experience--ladies-of-hive
Author reward: 0.074 CTP for evegrace/were-all-victims
Author reward: 0.095 CTP for evegrace/stop-it
Author reward: 6.696 CTP for evegrace/its-all-yours-to-carry
Author reward: 0.708 CTP for evegrace/dont-get-stuck
Author reward: 1.003 CTP for evegrace/ladies-of-hive-community-contest-45
Author reward: 2.234 CTP for evegrace/celebrating-a-damsel
Author reward: 0.711 CTP for evegrace/is-there-nothing-called-personal-belongings-anymore
Author reward: 0.036 CTP for evegrace/re-justclickindiva-qy1eko
Author reward: 1.808 CTP for evegrace/fated
Author reward: 5.357 CTP for evegrace/imagine-being-a-wolf
Author reward: 6.183 CTP for evegrace/identify-the-opportunity
Author reward: 0.009 CTP for evegrace/re-zellypearl-qxh9zd
Author reward: 0.009 CTP for evegrace/re-zellypearl-qxh9m8
Author reward: 0.716 CTP for evegrace/ladies-of-hive-contest--the-greedy-tortoise
Author reward: 5.34 CTP for evegrace/work-on-making-a-life
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for evegrace/re-zanoz-qx9ip7
Author reward: 1.035 CTP for evegrace/treat-people-with-love
Author reward: 3.891 CTP for evegrace/celebrate-failure
Author reward: 1.133 CTP for evegrace/time-waits-for-nobody
Author reward: 4.372 CTP for evegrace/tough-times-never-last-but-tough-people-do
Author reward: 1.994 CTP for evegrace/riley-ran-for-his-life
Author reward: 0.946 CTP for evegrace/am-i-not-human-too
Author reward: 5.093 CTP for evegrace/celebrating-the-attainment-of-a-new-age
Author reward: 0.92 CTP for evegrace/the-never-have-i-challenge
Author reward: 1.908 CTP for evegrace/lilys-birthday-picnic--a-surprise
Author reward: 1.089 CTP for evegrace/the-most-handsome-manager-in-premiere-league
Author reward: 12.18 CTP for evegrace/i-would-right-my-wrongs-and-put-smiles-on-faces
Author reward: 3.131 CTP for evegrace/let-your-success-speak-for-you-dont-be-like-the-parrot
Author reward: 5.498 CTP for evegrace/its-another-360-years-of-your-life--happy-birthday-to-you
Author reward: 5.484 CTP for evegrace/life-is-short-it-is-up-to-us-to-make-it-sweet
Author reward: 8.487 CTP for evegrace/never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover
Author reward: 3.723 CTP for evegrace/preparing-my-favourite-food--coconut-rice
Author reward: 7.715 CTP for evegrace/what-will-you-be-remembered-for
Author reward: 5.155 CTP for evegrace/nigeria-vs-cameroon-who-will-win
Author reward: 3.774 CTP for evegrace/completing-a-house-project--the-church-pastorage