What Defines You?

Some days ago, I realized that for the last two to three months, I have so much been into buying clothing for myself which isn't wrong but at the expense of trying to look how I wish to look, trying to make my outward appearance appealing, I have forgotten that I am also supposed to buy things that would make my inner-self look exactly how I want my outward appearance to look.

I am sure, I am not in this boat alone, those who love shopping to look good not for anyone actually but because that is who and how they love looking.


It is not what you wear or who you are underneath that defines you, it's what you do that defines you.

The life you were born into can't define us because we never chose where we were born, the people or family we were born into, and the life itself but what defines you as a person, what you made of it.

Don't let your present situation define who you are, don't let your hurt define who you are, don't let your horrible past define who you are, never let people define you because they will never be able to define who you are. Only you can tell what defines you, the world can't define you best and your pains shouldn't define who you are or would become.

It is what you do that defines you, it is your thoughts you put into action that defines you, it is your unsaid and said words that define you. It is not who you are underneath that defines you.

What defines you is your manners, your words, your habits. You are defined by your actions and by what you actually do, we should not define ourselves by where we live, what we've been through, what language we speak, our religion, our height, our sense of fashion, and the other outward appearance, they may be included in our definition of ourselves but they are just a
definitions of ourselves based on a small part of our totality.

If the above mentioned don't define us but they describe us which and what describes us isn't who we are but it is what we are put forth for people to see us and I bet they are simple enough for anyone to describe us, we shouldn't give a damn about how people define us because they will always describe our outward appearance which most times can be masked to cover up what actually defines us.

People describe you but they don't define you because your content is what defines who you are. Others around you will never stop judging at face value, but you shouldn't bother because what they see outwardly never defines you. Their definition of what defines you is limited only to what they see

Finding out what defines us is of course our major focus here on earth and our personal journey, not anyone else's.

The simple question now is, what defines you? Can we confidently and boldly tell people who we are without describing what we are?