Hive: The Land of Opportunity

It's always refreshing to see your country through someone else's eyes. All of the apparent problems and issues we go through on a daily basis tend to fade away when hearing about your homeland from a recently arrived immigrant. This is how I felt when I went overseas a few years ago, and being asked about life in America by people who have always wanted to live here.

The same occurs when I'm online and have the chance to talk to someone who wishes to make the move in order to live a better life. You know, it's that "grass is always greener" thing that always gets in the way of finding joy in the place that you live.

It reminded me of the time when I checked into my hotel in Birmingham, England, and was shocked to hear the attendant say that he hated it there. I'd heard that on the plane down from Iceland as well. It seems that damp is a big issue that outsiders like me never consider when thinking of life in "blighty."

At my campus, we have a number of students from Africa, who are the pride and joy of their families and communities. I see that continent as a future land of opportunity itself, with almost endless potential in the people and the land just waiting to be unlocked. So much youth, industry, and pride on tap just waiting for the right conditions to flow freely.

In another way, I see crypto as its own digital land wide open for new settlers to stake a claim to their own cryptocurrency homestead. Hive is my country, and I fly the flag proudly. One could picture the various tribes as individual states representing the diversity of America itself. This is what it must have felt like when Lewis and Clark headed west to explore their new domain. So if anybody ever asks where you're from, just tell them you live in Hive!

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