A walk in the neighborhood

The easiest form of exercise is a walk and the best place to go for a walk is in the neighbourhood. The weather is cooling off quite a bit and there is a cool breeze after sunset.

After I finished work today, I waited for the sun to set before I stepped out for a walk. I decided to stick to the streets that did not have too much traffic or the crowd. The neighbourhood is perfect. Although there is still some construction work going on, their work for the day is done. It is quiet and peaceful here and this neighbourhood does have some of the most beautiful buildings around here.

The Versace hotel is absolutely beautiful.

I walked around for about 15 minutes. I still have some work to finish when I get back home, so I decided to turn back. And now, begins the long way back. It is surprising the walk back always feels like it takes a shorter time.

Thank you for reading.

This is my post for the #wednesdaywalk by @tattoo-djay.

All photos are my own & shot on my phone