Attracting traffic to Leofinance - Report 6


Hello everybody...

In my report today I found some really interesting gems, for example how to book hotels and flights with crypto, the Kingdoms functions, the reality of what is going on in today's crypto market, and much more.

Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults By Leofinance

This publication is a report of all that the new cub defi burification brings, the most surprising thing is that they have very acceptable and sustainable APRs and the TVL in the kingdoms is almost a million dollars, so we may very well see a resurgence of CUB.

Decentralized Finance Is The Future By Taskmaster4450

In this publication, taskmaster uses several examples to imply that DeFi is impossible to stop, because just like the horse and cart and renting movies at the blockbuster, stopped being used because it was no longer sustainable, the same will happen with DeFi since it is a far superior way to make money without regulations or unnecessary middlemen.

We've Entered Another Multi-Year Bear Market! By Runicar

An article that describes exactly what is happening with the market and how the powerful elites control everything at will, and all because there are still very gullible people.

Uniswap V3 Is Out For More Than A Month | Uniswap Data On TVL V2 and V3, trading volum By Dalz

An incredible look at the impressive Uniswap V3 numbers, as well as a review of the TVL growth and volume of this swap. This continues to confirm that people are looking at new directions in technology and finance.

How to book flights and hotels with cryptocurrency in Nigeria By Belemo

In this publication, belemo an Hiver very committed to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, tells us how to book a hotel and a flight in his country Nigeria, using cryptocurrencies. I think this is a very interesting article because at the rate we are going cryptocurrencies will become an important part of the economy and if we already know how to handle everything correctly we will avoid being scammed by strangers.

How can I keep my Ethereum safe? By forexbrokr

An excellent guide for those who are starting in the crypto world and want to know which is the best wallet for each use.

Top 5 Decentralized Exchanges With Polygon Network Integration By Finguru

The Polygon network is showing its full potential, in this post finguru shares 5 very useful polygon dex.

Hive-as-a-Service to the Podcast Industry By gadrian

And finally, we have gadrian with an incredible post where he shows another use that can be given to the Hive blockchain, and for sure if this has a lot of repercussions it will attract many since the podcasts have millions and millions of followers, imagine the traffic that would come to hive.

Thank you very much for your attention, this has been my report of the day 11/06/21.

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