paradigm of the coexistence of nature with man

Nature is the umbrella through which all living things lived to excel, the beautiful plants that keep exploring are works of nature.

The world we live in is a lovely place, everything in it is controlled by the well-being of nature, although humans make mistakes unknowingly, but nature is always there to correct those mistakes. In the existence of the human being, there is a paradigm of nature, a good example is the life cycle of a man from infantry to adulthood, these stages of development through which man passes are not magical but require a gradual evolution.

Nature knows that the world must maintain balance as we see it today, her knowledge must be there in the world to guide growth in relation to plants and animals, so that in order to coexist and maintain its functions, a building is best built if built in a well ventilated dimensions, ventilation comes when it was well arrange, through plants, we have the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, that means there is a need for plants to grow around man, just as there is a need of humans living around plants.

A bird can fly to the sky even with its small body shape, there are birds that love to live around the residence of humans and these kinds of birds are the type that give birth to many young one's, they are brown in color and do not have large body shape, which is the work of nature, the bird knows that man, being a good work of nature, has something in common with it kind.

There was a time when we have heavy rain, I saw a bird that almost did not fly, it was as if the cobwebs bothered its feathers so that it could not move, I felt sorry for the bird and went to the rain, I freed it from the dangerous cobwebs, that was how it was able to fly freely.