Sleep is something spiritual for the physical being


The only time I have enjoyed sleep is when I realized that things are not really good with me, on a day when I find myself in a not so good situation, I will sleep so that when I wake up, the tension is reduced, I see sleep as something spiritual because it connects my physical being with the spiritual world, since nobody really knows what happened when we fell asleep, I don't know either, I do think about what happened in those times, but without positive answer.

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But I'm a human, so I believe there are things I'm not supposed to question in human existence, some people believe that sleep is not cool, these kind of people see themselves as a powerful being, who can do almost everything, and thinking this way, there is nothing wrong with it, but some say that it is great, since human beings are different in appearance, I think that no one can really make findings in this act of sleeping to get a real answer. since our perception differs in some angles.

It's just an individual thing, whatever the person sees fit for him, will be the answer, sometimes past I had a sore throat, it was so severe, as if all the people in the whole universe were using the same throat with me, I tried so much to control myself, thinking that it would go away and I also took drugs to prevent the situation but it kept coming out, the next thing I did was to fall asleep, this happens to me, in the afternoon around 1:23 pm, I slept until 6:45 p.m at night, I took the time to sleep and forget about some of my activities of the day.

I recover when I wake up, the situation became minor, I realized that there is some kind of spiritual activity in the sleep, now that I think about it, I reason, if I have ever known where I travel to, during this time, I observe a very good power which comes out of this activities of sleep.

Sleep is somehow a time travel to another destination you have no control over, your body will be lying in one place, while your spiritual being is progressing in other places, i heard someone talk about the sleep, that it is the things we see in the dream that reaches our real life, nothing happens in this physical world without that of sleep.

The world we live in is connected to the world of dreams, to have balance, of the things that are about to start the day, without it our physical being would not be in good condition, just as cleaning is the act of keeping everything clean. throughout the day, this is how sleep is made to connect what is about to reach us from the spiritual world to our physical being.