Success is never easy, success is hard


Do not think you could get to your desire goal so easy, because if it was that easy, you wouldn't called it a goal, success is difficult and never is anyone success an easy thing for them to achieve, it is only, after they have managed to get to the point of action (achievement) that people hear of their names and began to called them a successful man.

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Yet if they want to narrates their story to you, on how they started, you would get tired sometimes and if you are to write down their story in a book, I guess you will need to buy more than two A4 papers because people who succeed passed through so many things to get their goals.

A man who is successful do not stop working and the reason why he would continue to work is because, once he stop doing what he know how to do best and consider himself as a successful man, he would stop growing and before he knows it, others would be ahead of him and no one would see him as a wealthy man anymore.

That's it, success is more of a hard work, putting in all of your efforts and expecting the results to come out, until you have a full knowledge of something that you would be able to bring out the thing and also bring another person in that profession, if at any time, you want to make someone, when you can not even make yourself, you would find out that it's not going to work.

Because you yourself were not even a professional, knowledge is given when you know the best one to give out, a man who sell domestic chicken once tells me that when his layers lay eggs, he sometimes takes the mother to where he have Cockerel to have another specie.

This happens because the two chickens are of different types, for the fact that they go along together, it will now brings another of their kinds, which he sees are something stronger in health than the layers and bigger in size than the cockerel, which takes time to admits growth.

Knowledge is success but a person must understand that he must be patience to give out time to become that which he desire, and see his Self Improvement coming into Self achievement, that is when we hear he is a successful business man.

I am happy to have your presence, thank you for reading my self improvement/success post, have a nice day.