Sustenance is self-improvement


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Before I used to think that only working for the government was the only option a person could choose, maybe I got this ideology from the people who lived in my ecology, since they were all government workers, but these days, I see that the People who own workshops are even more supportive in today's economy.

Since they don't have to report to anyone, they pay for transportation less, and most of their workshops are located close to their homes, which makes life easier for them.

The owners of these workshops become experts as they work every day, it broadens their understanding on the job, which makes them improve a lot in the field, some can even make a company with only one workshop that they started, but when they started it, the workshop was just a small store, sometimes just him or with a friend, that's why we have a company that is a partnership business.

Most of the firms and companies that we see today started with just a few people, it is through the knowledge that they contribute that makes it scale to something bigger, to what we see in the world today.

Improvement is a process, no man comes bigger in a day, otherwise you will become great as the days go by, while you are taking care of your needs, you will be motivated knowing that what you do has a good impact on the society.

Some households that do not know the needs of self-improvement, are beginning to see the need, since the economic aspects are not the same as before, it makes a lot of sense to work and get paid on a daily basis than to receive your salary once at the end of the month.

Because before you can reach this month, you would have a debt to pay but when you are the one paying yourself this salary, you would feel relaxed in enjoying financial freedom, because, those who work in your workshop are paid daily and will not have any debt, so you don't have to think unnecessarily, than to see your self-improvement.


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