This is why i love my life


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I am a simple person, I don't hate, I respect who deserves it, I show love to people who deserve to be loved, I usually come out first in my age mate' activities, I can remember the time me and my friends used to go hunting, I enjoyed hunting, Those hunting moments were the best of my life.

I will never go home a day without catching an animal from the bush, when I see my friends didn't catch any animals I will kill mine in the bush and we will all have something to go home with. I mostly did it that way because sometimes, it took them a long time to accept that we should go hunting, since I was always the one who came home with a catch.

Hunting was something I loved very much and to this day whenever I see people (hunters) coming back from hunting, I will buy bush meat from them to show love to their hustle, bushmeat tastes as good as any another, as the taste is delicious.

Due to my simple life of sharing things in common, people also favor me sometimes, I can remember when my wheelbarrow had a flat tire on my way back from the farm, my friend's brother who saw me pushing a flat tyre wheelbarrow stop his, and give me a helping hand, even when he was on his way to the farm, he couldn't let me push the wheelbarrow alone, he had to support me as much as he could.

When people see the way we live, that is the same thing they will do to us, for example, a peaceful man, see peace, a giver received a gift in abundance when the time of his rewards comes.

To the extent that you are doing good, there are people who admire your life and want to be like you, if you knew how many these people are, you would be happier in the way you lived.