The Family History of Robert Marvin Dunn


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My name is Garrey C. Dunn, Jr. and this is the Family History page for my paternal grandfather (my father's father). His name was Robert Marvin Dunn.

Dunn, Robert Marvin (11 Oct 1957).jpg
This photo was taken at my parent's wedding in 1957.

Robert was born on the Fitzhugh Ranch in Bosque County, Texas in 1902, the fourth of nine children (seven of which lived to be adults). Some time between his birth and 1908, his family moved to Lueders, Texas. They returned around 1910 (1). He married Jeraline Boiles on his 19th birthday in 1921. They had four children (my father being the youngest). When my father was born, they were sharecroppers in Whitney, Texas. After that, Robert got a job with the United States Corps of Engineers (2) and they moved several places across Texas. After retiring, Robert and Jeraline lived on a small farm outside of Glen Rose, Texas for several years before returning to Whitney, where they lived out their final years.

NOTE: More stories and information will be added to this page as they are collected and compiled.

(1) Click for a story about Robert Marvin Dunn, the Fitzhugh Ranch, and Lueders, Texas.

(2) Click for a story about Robert Marvin Dunn and the United States Corps of Engineers.

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