Royal wedding

For a long time, I had been invited to attend a royal wedding.

There were many questions in my mind that how would I have to dress to go to this wedding because I used to think that the people coming to the wedding would be very rich and their clothes would also be very precious.

Then I thought that I will take at least one expensive black suit, only then I thought that if the people serving the food there were wearing black suits, then I would be ridiculed, and I should not be considered as the waiter of the guest there.

Then I decided that after taking the advice of one of my tailors, I will get some expensive and different-looking dresses tailored for me. Thinking like this, I got myself a little shiny-looking dress ready.

On the wedding day, I reached the appointed time wearing that dress. After going there and entering the party hall, my eyes were blinded because the place was lit up with very bright lights. When I got there, my bright clothes started shining brighter.

But thank God, I was not wearing such clothes there alone. Many other guests also came to the ceremony wearing similar showy and bright clothes.

Seeing them all my fear vanished and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole grand wedding ceremony.