Earn up to 62.5% APR in farm on HIVE:CENT Liquidity Pools


Greetings to my esteemed friends on the Cent commumity and the entire hive blockchain. It's another day and time to share with you the gains that an investor can get from investing in Hive:Cent liquidity pairs. It's your friend @faquan saying hello from this part of the world.



It's obvious that the entire cryptoverse is facing some challenges relating to government persistence in taking control of the verse. This fight has somehow affected the swift progress of many altcoins Hive inclusive and almost all Hive-Engine tokens are dependent on the growth of Hive to make some significant progress in terms of the upward price trend.

One of the ways to remain productive during this period is through investments in liquidity pools provision to earn some measures of rewards in order to remain happy on the hive blockchain.

Apart from tokens like LEO that have appreciated in price in recent times, other tokens that can help you during this period is investing in Cent related package.

You can earn up to 62.5% APR by just providing liquidity pools for Hive:Cent. I think the APR in question is juicer and can give you good return for your investment.

Providing liquidity pools is simple, just visit Tribaldex or BeeSwap and start earning rewards every 24 hours.