Live parasitic worm found in Australian woman’s brain by doctors and researchers


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An Australian woman who have previously complained about headache and other medical conditions as well as lost of memories was operated and the doctors discovered a worm of 8cm long in her brain.

A live parasitic worm has been found inside the brain of a 64-year-old Australian woman, marking the first case of the infection in humans.

The discovery was made by doctors and researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) and Canberra Hospital after they found a live 8 cm (3.15 inches) roundworm in the woman.

The Ophidascaris robertsi roundworm – whose usual host is a carpet python – was pulled from the patient after brain surgery – alive and wriggling. The worm’s larvae were also suspected to have infected other organs in the woman’s body, including her lungs and liver.

“To our knowledge, this is also the first case to involve the brain of any mammalian species, human or otherwise.

“Normally the larvae from the roundworm are found in small mammals and marsupials, which are eaten by the python, allowing the life cycle to complete itself in the snake.”

The researchers reported that this is the first case of Ophidascaris in human, although they said that this might not be the only victim of such worms since there have cases of animals to human related transmission of diseases including covid-19, ebola and others.

With this information, people should be fast to examine themselves in order to know if they're infected by such a dangerous worms that can cause several damages to the human organs.

The researchers say the woman, from the southeastern state of New South Wales, was probably infected from touching the native grass or after eating it.

It was so shocking to the neurosurgeon after they discovered the parasite because this has never happened in any human being or mammals.

At the moment the woman is still undergoing treatment for pneumonia that she had suffered from previously.