PolyCUB, Cub and vexPOLYCUB: 3 Different LeoFinance Approaches to Wealth Creation - One Goal ($Value Accrual)


Greetings to my esteemed Lions on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain. It's a new day and a time to show us the right path to forward on the hive blockchain that'll lead you to a good and perfect retirement destination. It's your friend @faquan, saying hello from this part of the world.



Every LeoFinance DeFi front currently has one goal and that's to create values both in dollars and name, although each comes with different strategies and formations.

Understanding the LeoFinance DeFiverse and Their Uniqueness
The LeoFinance ecosystem has 2 unique DeFi fronts that are really helping many to find the right path amidst the current bear market. Everyone on the LeoFinance ecosystem and hive blockchain can attest to the facts that PolyCUB and Cub and in addition, vexPolyCub are some safe areas one can invest and still earn rewards that'll cover both capital and profit. If this isn't true, please you're free to bring me back to the realities of life, but for the main time I'm sure about what I'm about to say.

Cub Finance precedes PolyCUB in terms of launching, but to me PolyCUB is DeFi platform that gave CubDeFi it's lost glories. To me PolyCUB and cub amidst the current price, has some unique areas any value oriented investor can venture into and still cash out big from.

PolyCUB Buybacks and Cub Burn
In order to maintain sustainability within the LeoFinance ecosystem and it's Multi-token bridges, two different approaches were used.

For PolyCUB, the buyback strategy has just one goal: to buy all the existing PolyCUB from the open market in order to take control of the PolyCUB protocol in the future.

Cub finance has a totally different game plan, which is to buy some adequate amount of Cub from the market, but in this case, burn them completely from existence.

According to @leofinance,40% of all CUB Burned was Burned This Month by MTB, which is worth about 203,920.15 Cub. With this the number of Cub in the open market will continue to reduce until it goes into extinction.

The essence of this two strategies is to make the tokens scarce in order to help the tokens skyrocket in the nearest future.

vexPOLYCUB Strategy
To full make the number of PolyCUB and xPolyCub become more scarce, vexPOLYCUB offers a fixed 20% APY in exchange for locking xPolyCub for 2 years period. With about 40% of xPolyCub being locked within the first 48 hours, although i don't know the total number of xPolyCub locked into vexPolyCub, but this is a unique way of sustaining the project.

3 Different LeoFinance DeFi Platforms - One Goal
The current mission of LeoFinance Multi-Token Bridges is to create values in all ramifications and the 3 LeoFinance platforms mentioned above has the abilities to create values to both the stakers and the protocol.

To invest in PolyCUB, Cub and vexPOLYCUB visit the links below:

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